A Man Rented Out a Movie Theater to Surprise His Wife With Their Long-Lost Wedding Video on Their Anniversary

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A man rented out a movie theatre to surprise his wife with their long-lost wedding video on their anniversary.

Both Drew and Kayla Gottfried thought that their wedding video was erased after their nuptials, but a friend from their church ended up finding a copy of the video – total lifesaver!

The Oregon couple got married fourteen years ago and had their ceremony filmed so they could relive it for the rest of their lives, but just after the wedding, they were told their video was “accidentally erased,” Drew said in a TikTok video posted on Wednesday.

Kayla had cried to her mom at the time, sadly expressing that the video was gone.

But we’re starting to think that miracles really do happen as just a couple of months before their fourteenth wedding anniversary, Drew said that a friend of the couple found a copy of the video at their church.

Drew came up with the sweetest idea for the couple’s anniversary after being given the miraculous tape. On TikTok, Drew said that he rented out a movie theatre and told her they would be watching one of her favorite films, only to have the wedding video play as soon as the cinema went dark.

This is the cutest video EVER!

Drew didn’t expect the post to become as popular as it was though. It reached 1.6 million likes and 16.1k comments leaving him in awe at the amount of love he received for the 1st video ever posted on his TikTok account.

Since there was an overwhelming showering of love for his anniversary idea, he decided to share a clip of their wedding ceremony to TikTok as well.

“This entire experience has been amazing, from finding the video a couple of months ago to the surprise showing for Kayla to the response online,” Drew said.

“I knew she was going to be overcome with emotion to the video and that I had to come up with a great way to surprise her,” he said. “I’m glad it all worked out so well and that everyone gets to share in our joy and happiness we felt.”

Drew added: “These last 14 years have been amazing, and Kayla and I are excited to continue building memories like this for the rest of our lives together.”

“This has been a crazy morning,” he said on another TikTok video after his surprise went viral. “I had no idea you guys would love it so much.”

“I will get a snippet of the ceremony posted soon,” he said, with followers and fans of the surprise blowing up the comments section in the excitement of the upcoming clip of the best day of the couple’s life.

You really can’t get any cuter than this.