Woman Can Barely Contain Her Joy as Her Husband Brilliantly Shuts Down Racist White Woman

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A woman could barely contain her joy as she watched her husband brilliantly shut down a racist white woman.

TikTok user @moemoe_90 has gone viral after she posted a video of herself with audio of her husband dealing with a racist white woman in the background.

The video hears the woman’s husband arguing with another woman after she appears to have said something racist to him – although it is currently unknown as to what exactly the woman had said to him.

“You told me to go back to Oakland, right?” he said in the video, as per God.

“Let me tell your dusty, dirty, dingy, mannequin-built a** something. You don’t tell me where the f**k to go. When you leave your house, you old stanky a** lady, you are in the world. You don’t tell me to go back to Oakland, you take your wrinkled p***y a** to Oakland.”

“Can you control your mouth for one minute,” the white woman starts to interject at one point, before later stating her age.

To which the woman’s husband responds: “Act like you’re eighty something years old then. Your age don’t matter. You seem like you’re racist because you see me riding by and you tell a Black person to go back to Oakland. So it’s Black people in Oakland, right? Ain’t no Black people in Alameda?”

“Well get your dusty a** wrinkled bag trash face having a** up out of here. Don’t tell no Black person to go back to Oakland. You can’t tell me where to go, alright?” he also added.

While this happening, the woman films her reaction to what her husband is saying. Her emotions rapidly change from observational to barely-contained joy as she listens to her husband tearing down the white woman.

And people online had the same reaction.

People took to the comments section to praise her husband for his quick thinking and to slam the woman. “That was a masterclass of insults. Shakespeare would be proud,” one person wrote.

“I love that the insults just rolled off his tongue,” added another.

She forgot what decade/century she was living in for a second. He just reminded her,” added a third.

“If she didn’t want to be talked to like that then don’t talk to him that way,” said another.

What do you think of his reaction? Do you think his insults were justified?