Husband Surprises Wife of 63 Years on Her Birthday After Being Separated by Pandemic | 22 Words

After being released from the hospital on his wife's birthday, one devoted husband decided to surprise her in the best way.

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Millions of people all over the world are currently in lockdown.

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In a last-ditch effort to slow down the spread of the deadly virus, countries and major cities all over the world have gone into full lockdown.

Self-isolation has been deemed as the most effective way of combating this virus.

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While medical researchers work tirelessly to find a vaccine, regular people have been urged to avoid any form of social interaction and contact as best they can.

The virus is easily spread, so remaining isolated is the safest option for many...

And millions are now quarantining themselves at home for months at a time.

It's an undeniably difficult time for everyone.

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Staying indoors for extended periods of time will understandably wreak havoc on anyone's mental health.

But the hardest thing about self-isolating...

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Is being kept away from loved ones.

While some people are able to be self-isolate with members of their family or close friends...

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Others haven't been so lucky.

People have been urged to not spend time with people who don't live in their households...

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Meaning that millions are unable to visit their family members and friends during these difficult times, which is proving unbearable for many.

It's an incredibly isolating experience for many people...

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Spending weeks and weeks alone is enough to send anyone into a dark place.

And, making things even worse...

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The elderly, and those who are considered as "vulnerable", must self-isolate at all costs, meaning they cannot come into contact with others for their own safety.

People who are already suffering from underlying health conditions or other diseases are at the highest risk...

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And if they contract the virus, their chances of losing their lives is doubled.

Most couples have been toughing it out and abiding by these harsh rules...

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And have simply been looking forward to being reunited with their partners once again.

But others have been breaking the rules.

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We all remember the story of the New Yorker who snuck into a hospital to visit his wife.  Yeah, not the smartest move in the world.

Some people just can't take the lockdown seriously...

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And don't seem to understand that good things will come to those who wait.

And there's one story that is the perfectexample of this philosophy.

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After being separated as a result of the medical pandemic, one elderly couple were reunited in the most amazing way.

Beverley Lindell only wanted one thing for her 84th birthday...

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And that was to see her husband of sixty-three-years, Jerry.

But, sadly, Jerry had been quarantined at the local Meeker Manor nursing home in Litchfield

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The Minnesota couple had been separated in order to lower the risk of either of them contracting the virus, after Jerry had a stint in hospital.

Understandably, this took a huge toll on the pair...

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Who were used to doing everything together. It was especially difficult because the separation was the longest they had been apart since meeting at age eighteen and marrying 2 years later, according to KARE.

But, suddenly, Jerry was discharged...

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Just in time for Beverly's birthday. The couple’s daughter helped arrange the surprise, driving her dad to Beverley’s house before presenting her mother with some birthday cupcakes.

And, upon seeing her husband, Beverly instantly burst into tears.

“I can’t hug you!" she told him after shrieking at the surprise. But Jerry reassured her that all was fine, saying in the clip, “Why can’t you? I can hug you!" And, as seen in the only photo taken of the reunion, they fall into a tight embrace.

The couple are now happily self-isolating together.

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What an amazing story in an otherwise dark and turbulent time. For more on uplifting stories, keep scrolling to read about the current recovery rate of people infected with the virus...