Husband Transforms Creepy Attic Into Wife’s Dream Walk-In Closet

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A heroic husband has gained viral fame after he expertly transformed his wife’s once-creepy attic into an incredible walk-in closet.

Keep scrolling for the full story, and to see this incredible transformation for yourself…

Attics are cold, dusty, and, let’s be real, downright spooky.

And, when we are forced to venture up there to retrieve something, it is always the most ghoulish of experiences.

But one family has recently gone viral for their quite shocking use of their eerie attic.

But, being the founder and owner of his very own refurbishment company, Remodeling & Design LLC, the Maryland-based decorator decided to put the room to good use.

Rodolfo, who is originally from Guatemala, decided to transform it into something truly wonderful for his wife.

And it was all built from the dusty remains of their once dormant attic.

Joserin posted photos of the transformed attic onto Twitter, where they have gained nearly 500,000 likes, and have been shared over 65,000 times.  

And many informed Joserin that whoever she dates in the future is going to have big boots to fill if her dad is this talented.

Anyway, keep scrolling to see his incredible transformation for yourself.

As you can see, it was dark, dusty, and, as I said before, downright dreadful. Not a pretty sight, is it?  

Here’s a photo of the attic half-finished… Already, it is a masterpiece.

The finished closet. But it doesn’t end there…

Long gone are the days of pulling a wooden ladder down from the attic… Rodolfo had expertly installed a gorgeous set of spotlight stairs for his wife to gracefully ascend and descend from.

Ultimately making it the perfect space to store clothes and other personal items.

Rodolfo told House Beautiful that he was inspired to create the dream closet when he realized that they both needed some more space for their clothes. “One day, I went up to my attic and I began to think ‘Wow, we have all this empty space that we can transform into something else,’” he said.

Though it did cost him between $25-$30,000.

Rodolfo and his team have expertly pulled off a classy and polished design and, more importantly, his wife and daughter love it.

“We were both really amazed because we knew it was going to look good but he exceeded our expectations.”

“I expected a few likes and retweets because people love a good before-and-after.” However, she revealed that she never expected the huge amount of attention the photos got.

Which is adorned with photographs from Rodolfo’s incredible home transformations. But sadly, not all homes end up looking so incredible. Keep scrolling to see the Pittsburgh house listing that went viral for its completely bonkers interior…