Hysterical Tinder Profiles That Are Totally Swipe-Right Worthy

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The world of online dating is, to put it mildly, and interesting place. It’s not bad enough to be single and looking for love, but you’re now forced to contend with Catfishers, people only interested in obtaining naked pictures of you, and people so bizarre that their dating profiles are filled to the brim with a red flag after red flag.

And while these days there are a plethora of dating sites and apps to choose from, there are some that have a better reputation for the odds of finding true love than others. Tinder tends to be at the bottom of the barrel and is more associated with random hook-ups than meeting your soulmate. But, after seeing the following 30 profiles, you might change your mind about this divisive app.

These Tinder profiles range from hilarious to creative to genuinely sweet, and they might just be enough to make you happy about being single. Or, at least, less horrendously depressed about it.

This pun-filled profile

When you go through something traumatic like losing a limb, you have two choices: Be bummed out about it for the rest of your life, or make hilarious jokes about it like Lauren. Be like Lauren.

This Mama’s boy

Maybe think about taking it down a notch, Andrew. You’re coming on a tad strong.

This dark yet relatable statement

With everything that’s going on in the news these days, is there really anyone among us who can’t relate to this morbid yet hilarious statement?

This honest jokester

Not only does this guy promise not to kill you, he also includes a hilariously tasteless joke to prove what a great sense of humor he has. He’s the whole package!

This accomplished fellow

Way to go, Jack! Hopefully, this profile information is up to date and he has still never served time in prison. He should probably update it every year or so just to maintain total honesty.

This disturbed doggo

This dog has seen some stuff. I’d be willing to date this person just to get to know this pup better. And I don’t see anything wrong with that.  

This disobedient Alexa

Having a name like “Alexa” in this day and age can’t be easy. The constant jokes would be enough to drop the “a” at the end altogether.

This creative dater

After reading this list, I’m pretty darn irritated by the complete lack of creativity my previous dates have brought to the table. Sure, faking a kidnapping in public is probably a pretty terrible idea, but just think of what a rush it would be!

This awesome sense of humor

This guy is a total catch. Not only does he have a wonderful sense of humor about his disability, just think of all the amazing parking spots you’d be able to snag on while dating him!

This fortunate name spelling

Although I happen to have the same name as this poor woman, mine is smelled in the normal, smart way as opposed to this….alternative spelling. Luckily, Emelly is still able to find gratitude in the little things.

This twist ending

We’ve all been there, friend. No judgment here.

This clumsy collage

This is heartbreaking to watch, and yet, I can’t look away. At least he’s setting your expectations low so if this happens on your first date you won’t be surprised.

This bad girl

I don’t think I’ve ever related to a Tinder profile more than I do with this one. I’m also bad at everything and have an ex named David that seriously can’t take a hint.

This good samaritan

Doesn’t this story just bring a tear to your eye? Seriously, though, most people wouldn’t even have helped her put the groceries back. You’re on your own, Grandma!

This super fan

This woman’s family is clearly not accepting of her chosen life partner. Honestly, there are worse people she could be choosing to spend her life with than a cardboard cutout of Danny Devito. Like a professional DJ.

This costume catastrophe

Wait, the guy who chose to take his mother to a couple’s costume party is somehow still single?! Shocker!

This heartwarming human

We must find Judy a special friend IMMEDIATELY. She’s too pure for this world!

This generous giver

Hey, at least this guy gives blood. That’s more than a lot of people do. Plus, he loves Ginuwine!

This unsatisfied customer

I don’t blame this guy for being upset. That’s flagrant false advertising!

This smart move

Ladies, remember this tip. It’s always a good idea to subtly reveal to your partner that you have sharp things in your possession, just in case.

This clever joke

This is pretty spectacular. Most people would just scroll past this without a second thought, so the one who takes the time to decipher this hidden message is truly worthy of a date.

This beach body

The beach is hard for John because of his wheelchair, but he still goes anyway. What’s YOUR excuse?!

This helpful hint

I literally had no idea how to pronounce her name, but after reading her profile in full it became crystal clear. Although, now I’ll only be able to hear her name in my head with Mike Tyson’s voice.

This wise reasoning

This is very true. In fact, now that drawing is all over the internet, too! So disgusting.

This quick escalation

This one made me literally LOL several times. Although I felt bad in the end about killing Jesse, he just made it so fun that I couldn’t stop myself.

This adorable singleton

Is Judy still available?! Somebody get Judy and this sweet old timer together, STAT!

This uplifting message

You know what, Jill? Thank you. I never expected to feel completely validated while scrolling Tinder, of all places.

This helpful hunk

Who knew there were so many hilarious amputees on Tinder?! This is hands-down one of the most clever profiles I’ve ever seen.

The pros and cons

There are pros and cons to every new relationship, but the hope is that the pros outweigh the cons. And in Alex’s case, they do. …barely.

This honest assessment

This guy knows what the people want and he gives it to them. Sure, everyone has a great personality these days, but a great ass is truly hard to find.