19 Freaking Hysterical Jokes That Only Parents Will Get

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Parenting is no walk in the park.

In fact, if you want to go for a walk in the park when you have kids, it’s a whole ordeal.

Luckily, you’re not alone. The parents of Twitter know that parenting is just about the hardest thing a person can do.

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. In fact, it’s mostly poopy diapers and wondering what your child just smeared on your clean shirt. Here are 19 tweets that about sum it up.

What you say as a parent

Look, not every kid is a genius. And some geniuses lick windows. So you do the math.

Three kids is a lot

Amazing. When you have too many kids, you can at least hope that they are self-aware about how annoying they are.

The opposite of “J”

OK, but what is it, though? I swear this is going to keep me up at night.

A day at the beach

Ryan Reynolds may be a movie star, but he’s also a dad. A very irresponsible dad. The next one is something we’ve all dealt with.

“I feel sick”

To be fair though, chips are an excellent antidote to a stomach ache. I think it’s in the doctor handbook.

A parent’s potential

It’s true. Once you see that kid with the open felt tip, it’s like you’re suddenly a Ninja Warrior.

Putting pants on dogs

Parenthood means doing things you never in your wildest dreams thought you would ever be doing. Like putting pants on dogs, for example.

The bus driver, a hero

You know, because he takes your kids away. For a few, peaceful hours. Bliss.

The big questions

Leave it to kids to make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about the universe…or at least the Harry Potter universe. The next one is truly incredible.

Who pooped in the diaper?

As a parent, you will no doubt find yourself arguing about insane things just like this. Having an adult conversation will be a privilege.

The outfit contract

I mean, I get this. You have to ensure you’re not being lied to.

Peace and quiet

When you become a parent, suddenly quiet becomes a coveted rarity. But like, I don’t think you understand how rare it becomes.

The wardrobe paradox

Oh, I’m just going to submit that dolls all over the world are already way better dressed than I am, and now it won’t be a problem.

The young’uns

Oh, kid. Poor, poor kid. Just you wait. The next one is a pretty comprehensive how-to.

How to clean

Step one: Good, great, love a scented candle. Step two: Oh. Oh, well, yeah. That makes sense. I mean, there really aren’t any other options.

Kids’ Halloween candy

You are the parent. You make the laws ’round these parts. And you deserve your child’s Halloween candy. Take the best stuff too.

The technology generation

Wow, this is hilarious and also kind of sad. Also, how many videos is that toddler watching on YouTube?! I have questions.

“Is it Trump?”

Oh man, kids these days totally get it. That is one politically aware 6-year-old.

So meaningful

This is totally something I would have done as a kid. The adult version of this is telling a story to someone like they weren’t there when it happened. I do that a lot. Share this with a fellow parent who needs a good laugh!