Hysterical Twitter Thread Perfectly Pairs Old Art with Modern Problems

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When you think about classical art, you probably think of words like high-brow, stuffy, pompous, or old. Even if you are an art lover, it’s unlikely that looking at Michelangelo is something that makes you giggle. Until now.

Once again, Twitter has come through for the internet in a major way by turning classical art into something new and absolutely amazing. They’ve come up with a little somethin’ that turns art into…well a different kind of art. And what is that secret sauce you ask? What could you use to season classical art and transform it completely?

We give you…first world problems and classical art. A combination made in heaven, yet only recently discovered. And with just that addition, old art becomes new and hilarious enough to leave you gasping. Don’t believe me? Well, we’ve got the evidence to prove it. Just keep scrolling for the very best of the meme.

If you want to make classic art into something fresh, how do you do it?

Really any of them will work, since they all have an unhappy woman in them.

Really pay attention to the way that she’s feeling.


That there are a surprising number of tits in old paintings?

This lady has.

This painting is actually depicting a widow coming back from her husband’s funeral. Peak irritating man.

But did you know that they do get irritated into being gay?

“No she wasn’t asking for it, I don’t care how many times you say so.”

With handy illustrations from history.

Please tell me more.

Because literally every woman has had this happen.

You can’t even get a drink.

That’s just facts.

Most of them feelings of “yeah, I’ve been there”.

It’s timeless.

I know because a man once told me to calm down and all my emotions immediately disappeared.

Hmm look at that pointy, pointy umbrella.

She’ll make her move.

The artist had a true talent.

I, a man, definitely know better than you.

The sign of a good joke is when it needs to be explained.

Apparently not.

She is clearly a genius.

Other commenters managed to locate unhappy women in paintings.


Someone needs to praise Nicole for the good work she’s doing.

I’ve never felt myself so represented as in the faces of these women.

Who can blame them though?

Which is what this commenter created. A fitting end to endless mansplaining.