I Finally Fixed My Smelly Cat Litter Situation With Only 5 Products

Anyone with a cat knows they’re independent, sometimes very snuggly, often hilarious, delightfully weird, sweetly unique, and… pretty smelly. Yes, we hate to acknowledge that our dignified creatures can be stinky, but it’s true. And really, it’s not their fault. They poop in a box. In the house. And then the house smells.

So next time you have friends over (at this point, who knows that will be, but stay with me here), don’t open the door and let a wall of pee smell smack them in the face. Or, even worse, run around the house like a psychopath lighting 80 candles just before guests arrive (your pumpkin spice sadness isn’t fooling anyone).

Are you ready for this? It only takes 5 products. Open up Chewy.com in your browser and let’s get started. Your embarrassing smelly litter situation is about to be a thing of the past. I promise.

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First we’re starting with the most important thing. The litter itself.

And yeah, I know what you’re saying. “But Stephanie, the crystals are more expensive-” No, shut up. Just shut up and buy it. After years of buying the clay clumping stuff, I finally bit the bullet and bought the crystals, and oh my god, you guys. It’s SO MUCH BETTER. Why did it take me this long to try it out? Anyway, don’t be stupid like me. Buy the crystal litter. Just scoop the solids once a day and a week into your litter cycle, when your house doesn’t smell like garbage, you can thank me.


Now, onto the litter box.

You’re going to want the top entrance kind. Specifically, the Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box. You might wonder if your cats will figure out how to use it. But here’s the thing: your cats have already figured out how to manipulate you into feeding them extra kibbles every night. If they’re smart enough to Jedi mind trick you, they’re smart enough to learn how to jump into a box from the top. Don’t let them win. Buy the litter box.

Now, onto the litter mat.

This is a critical step. Don’t forget to get a litter mat. A lot of people skip this step, but those people are dumb and you shouldn’t be friends with them. The litter mat catches all the sharp, painful little litter shards that usually get stuck under your feet or even worse, in your bed (ugh), and trap them in a mesh-like mat. Then, you just take the mat and shake it out in the garbage. VoilĂ !


Now, onto the miracle spray. That’s right, I called it a miracle. It’s even called Nature’s Miracle.

This spray is actually life-changing. Week two, when your litter starts to get a little musty and you’re like “Honey, I think it’s your turn to change the litter,” and your husband is like “Uh, no dude, it’s definitely your week,” spray this stuff and avoid divorce. Your litter is going to magically become like new again. You can trust me on this! I’m still married.

Bro, do you even scoop?

Don’t be the person that’s lazy, doesn’t scoop, lets all the doodoo pile up, and then is forced to toss all the litter and start fresh. Just scoop once a day. It’s not even that hard. You can even make it a game. Treat yourself with something sweet after you scoop. Like an animal. The one trick here? Splurge for the NON-STICK SCOOPER. This is imperative. The doodoo stick sometimes. I’m sorry, I had to say it. You know I’m right.

Seriously, 5 products is all it takes to drastically improve your litter box situation at home. Considering that you’re literally spending all your time at home these days, it’s worth it. Upgrade your life a little. If you don’t believe me, you should believe Ida (this is Ida). She’s cute, she often sits like a human, and she also uses the litter box a lot. She gives this piece 10 out of 10 poop scoopers. Loved our suggestions? Stay tuned for the essential items every dog owner needs to own. Take a look and find something for your dog. Does your dog deserve a toy or treat? Well yeah. They’re good dogs, Brent.