You might think February 24th is just a normal day in the calendar... but that's far from the case.

Today is in fact international "I Hate Cilantro" day, and for those who are celebrating the holiday, there's a very real reason why you probably don't like the dreaded herb...

Throughout the year we have a lot of special days to celebrate...


Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries.

Already this month we've celebrated the likes of Valentine's Day.

And Shrove Tuesday.

So, while we might have thought that international celebrations for February were finished with...

It turns out they're not.

As today, February 24th, is international "I Hate Cilantro" day.


A day for all those who hate the devilish greenery... and it's caused mixed opinions online.

Now, where did this international day begin?


Well, it was all started by the Facebook page " I Hate Coriander" around 3 years ago.

The page, which has over 289,000 followers, is dedicated to the hatred of cilantro.

As for many people, when it comes to herbs, there's nothing worse than cilantro.

As per LadBible, the organiser of the I Hate Coriander page believes the 2021 international day should be a time to campaign for restaurants to indicate what dishes have cilantro included in the same way as nuts or other allergens.

Seems a little extreme...

But, there's actually a reasoning behind it.

Scientists believe that coriander tastes like soap for people due to a certain gene.

Professor Russell Keast, who specialises in sensory and food science at Deakin University's School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, explained that your genetics can be largely blamed for how we feel about the infamous herb.

"We have smell receptors in our nose that are responsible for identifying volatile compounds in the atmosphere, including volatile compounds released from potential foods," he said.

"Sense of smell is highly variable between people, so what I experience may not be what you experience, and this can be due to quantity, type and natural variations with smell receptors."

So, will you be celebrating?

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