I Rewatched 'Coyote Ugly' as an Adult and Here Are the Realizations I Had | 22 Words

I Rewatched ‘Coyote Ugly’ as an Adult and Here Are the Realizations I Had

By Lucy Huber

The year: 2000. Double layered spaghetti strap shirts, platform sandals, and pink faux fur adorned our bodies and the tips of our pencils. It was the era of Britney and Justin, of some combination of members of Destiny's Child, a time when everyone was very engrossed in watching Survivor and glad that all the computers didn't blow up when we rolled into the new millennium. It was also the year of Coyote Ugly.

I was 13 when Hollywood blessed us with Coyote Ugly, the sleepover favorite for teen girls around the country about a small town gal who moves to the big city and ends up dancing on a bar in cowboy boots, but I hadn't watched the film since middle school, so I wondered, how did Coyote Ugly hold up nearly 20 years later?

Would I, now older and wiser, still enjoy a film seemingly based entirely on a bar?

There was only one thing to do: I poured myself a glass of Merlot and ordered it on Amazon. Here's what I learned.