I Write About Products For a Living & Here Are My Amazon Favorites

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I see a lot of products every day. Writing articles on budget buys, home improvement, and seasonal fashion, I’m constantly searching Amazon for the best and brightest new items and I’ve found some pretty cool listings! Amazon has thousands of options for whatever you’re searching for. No matter if you’re focused on finding exactly what you need to finish your room decor or just browsing for a little pick me up, everything you need is on one website, usually for a good price, with quick delivery!

I’ve gathered together some of my favorite finds on the website right now, just for you. I adore these cute novelty cat socks, amazing for gift giving or just to jazz up a plain outfit. Maybe you’ll fall as much in love with this bed canopy as I did (so much so that it was the focus on my own bedroom for well over a year!). Sit down with a hot cup of coffee and scroll through to see for yourself.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

If You Travel You Need This Gear Beast Phone Case

via Amazon

This PU Leather Wallet case is literally the most useful thing you can keep in your back pocket. With its innovative TPU bumper case, your phone is kept totally protected from drops and bumps, while its flip cover with snap closure keeps the screen safe from scratches in bags and purses. But it’s not just a great purchase for extra protection, it is super convenient with 3 card slots (meaning you can leave your wallet at home), and a fold-out stand (letting you binge watch whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or having a road trip with your best buds).

This PU Leather Case Instantly Introduces Class and Style into your Everyday ‘Fits

via Amazon

It’s no wonder reviewers say they “love it love it love it” and that it’s a “great little cell phone wallet” when for literally under $5 you get a protective phone case, a wallet with 7 card slots a transparent I.D slot, and inner pockets, as well as a removable wrist strap. Even with all these amazing features, it’s still packaged in a slim design that both looks sleek and is small enough to fit in your back pocket. You’re going to want to snatch this up quickly.

This Amazon Fire TV is a Game Changer

via Amazon

This Amazon Fire TV is everything and more. All of your favorite streaming services are right at your fingertips!

Don’t take our word for it, one reviewer said, “I’ll be honest, I hate hate hate smart TV’s. That said, this tv is shockingly fast, easy to set up and use! I bought this for my 77-year-old mother, had to replace a bad TV and she loves The Grand Tour. She is using it well, the picture is nice, 1080 streams from Cox look amazing, light as hell, and easy to set up. All in all, I looked at a number of TVs at this price point, after getting it and setting it up, it wins!”

Keep Your Hands Free By Throwing on This Cross Body Phone Holder

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Oversized bags are like so over. Instead, keep it minimal with this faux leather cross-body bag with gold buckle detailing and an adjustable strap. Protection is twofold when you order this; not only are you protected from bumps and falls with the bumper case, but it has built-in RFID protection, keeping your cards and information safe.

You’ll Be Running to Add This Armband To Your Carts

via Amazon

This Cell Phone ArmBand has over 20,000 reviews from satisfied customers partially due to its incredibly flexible size, fitting everything you’ll need on your morning jogs and late-night runs. The reflective logo helps you to be spotted in the dark, keeping you safe to exercise at any time and the breathable fabric makes it great for sweat and exertion. Get it in a variety of patterns and colors, so you can match with your workout outfit! This really is the “perfect solution for runners,” as one reviewer said.

Craft Without the Stickiness and Switch to These Wooden Popsicle Sticks

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No more saving the sticks from sweet popsicles and ice creams for your kid’s arts and crafts projects. Order this pack of 200 natural wooden sticks made from genuine birch and let them go crazy. Make models, puppets, and more. It’s Amazon’s Choice and has a 4.7-star rating from genuine customers so you can really trust the quality.

This Artificial Snow is a Must-Have for Crafts This Winter

via Amazon

Who doesn’t want soft, powdery snow around this holiday season? We all love the cozy, romantic feel that snow brings along with it and this is a great way to recreate it in the comfort of your own home – without the chill. Decorate your trees, your winter scenes, and even use them in floral arrangements. Reviewers rave about this product saying it “looks and feels like real snow! Love this stuff!” and that it’s an “awesome invention.” Quick, grab it now!

Give your Kids the Best Chance for a Good Night’s Sleep with Snuggle-Pedic Pillow Covers

via Amazon

These pillow covers are a great addition to your childrens’ beds with their breathable bamboo fabric. The Kool-Flow technology makes them breathable and helps to regulate temperature while the quality fabric still ensures soft and relaxing feels to help drift off in bliss. If you’re a parent, this should be in your basket now.

Welcome in the Holiday Season with these Hook Suction Cups

Decorating for the holidays can often be stressful. You can damage walls trying to stick up tinsel, struggle with the string of Christmas lights, and have a hard time finding somewhere to hang that perfect wreath. These hooks completely change the gear with their attached suction cups, perfect for sticking onto windows and smooth surfaces. This product claims to be the World’s Strongest All-Purpose Suction Hooks and, with a hold of up to 7lb, I’m inclined to believe them! I’ll definitely be getting a pack for myself this Christmas.

These Wine Glass Markers Are a Host’s Best Friend

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There’s no worry about whose glass is whose when you have this pack of 10 wine markers on hand. Simply personalize your glass with your name and wash it off easily afterward. This versatile item can be used for wine glasses, mirrors, ceramics, windows, and more, meaning they’re a gift with many uses; perfect for weddings, baby showers, and other events. This listing also includes a variety of stencils and chalkboard labels so you can fully personalize your party utensils.

Solve the Issue of Missing lids with this Set of Replacement Mason Jar Lids

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Everyone knows the problem of finding the perfect jar for your homemade pickles or sauces and not being able to find the lid. It’s a kitchen travesty. The only solution is this set of universal mason jar replacement lids which fit the mouth of all brands. They’re leakproof so perfect for all your needs.

Prepare for any Packaging Needs with Beautiful Mylar Bags

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Holographic bags. What is better? Anything you have to sell, store, to take on the go, will instantly look better when sealed in one of these jazzy bags. They’re smell-proof so perfect for scented beauty oils or foods like candies and nuts. If you run any kind of crafting or jewelry business, I can’t think of more attractive packing for your products. Plus, you can get this 100 piece package for just $10.99. Score.

Stay Safe and Feel Assured That your Food is as Delicious as it Can Be with a Meat Thermometer

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This Electronic Waterproof Temperature Probe is essential for any meat-lover or serious home chef. Whether you grill, smoke, bake, or fry, you’re going to want this nifty gadget that works ultra fast to tell you the precise temperature of your food to make sure it’s cooked to perfection. From steaks to fish, even to candy, sometimes cooking is a science that requires precision. Take away the guesswork and always guarantee a dish you’ll be proud of by adding this to your cart ASAP.

It Can be Tea Time all the Time with this Ceramic Tea Mug

via Amazon

Take your favorite tea to-go and keep it warm and cozy this winter when you grab this insulated tea mug. The silicone lid helps keep your drink safe from spills during travel and traps the heat so you can sip on all that comfort and warmth. It comes with a tea infuser basket already attached, perfect for steeping your leaves without the mess of a separate infuser or teapot. Available in 7 unique patterns, you’re bound to find one perfect for you!

Stock your Utensil Drawer Up with these Chopsticks

via Amazon

Whether you’re a business looking for the perfect addition to your food orders, or a home chef whipping up sushi, you need this 50 pair pack of wooden chopsticks, individually packaged for hygiene purposes. These traditional-style chopsticks are made from 100% natural bamboo wood so they’re anti-slip, easy to use, and disposable.

These Adorable Cat Socks Make a Perfect Gift

via Amazon

Cute and practical, these 4.7 star-rated cotton socks feature sweet paw print designs and cat faces at the top – including little ears! This set comes with 5 different colors of socks, perfect for matching all your favorite outfits. They’re not just a sweet novelty, but also soft and breathable.

Makeup Lovers Rejoice – the Perfect Storage For all Your Products is Here

via Amazon

I seriously don’t know how I lived without this cosmetics organizer. I keep all my makeup products and large jewelry in it and I love it. I’ve moved 3 times with it and it’s withstood every journey, proving its claim of portability. It has numerous compartments including twelve compartments I use for lip products, think of how much you could expand your lipstick collection with this classy storage.

These Pantry Organizers Are a Cleaning Revolution

via Amazon

If you’re looking for great storage that can easily slot into any drawers, refrigerators, or cabinets, this is the one for you. The clear plastic makes it easy to see everything at a quick glance for quick reach and stock checks, while still being easy to clean and durable. Reviewers say they are “exactly what I needed. These are great organizers! And, yes, they stack” and “Oh man I love them!”

This 2 Tier Storage Rack Makes Organization a Breeze

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For sleek, elegant storage solutions, there genuinely isn’t a better alternative than this multipurpose organizer rack in this sleek black color. It’s the best seller in under-sink storage on Amazon but its minimalist design makes it perfect for cabinets, countertops, and more. Store cleaning products, spices, bottles, jars, whatever you need. It’s easy to clean and perfect for tidy home decorators. Grab it while you can.

For a Fun, Novelty Buy, this Nick Cage National Treasure Mug is the Most Exciting Amazon Find

via Amazon

Not only does this novelty mug have an amazing image of acclaimed actor Nick Cage wearing a flower crown with the sweet phrase “You’re my national treasure” (perfect for gifts to your loved ones this holiday season!), but the heat-reveal feature makes it a wonderful surprise. Just add your favorite hot drink and watch the image slowly appear. The 4.5 stars out of 5 should be enough to tell you how great this item truly is! I want one for all my friends.

This Purchase Will Bring your home into the Future for Less

via Amazon

Dipping your toes into smart home tech? You want to grab this smart light switch as your first step. The dimmer function lets you set a tone and atmosphere easily, from your phone or connected devices, no matter where you are in the house. It works on wifi connection so is suitable for most homes and you can even schedule the lights so you can wake up to a bright new world, every day.

This Kitchen Timer is the Best Find for Home Chefs

via Amazon

I love this kitchen timer. It seems like a small thing, but you won’t know how useful it can be till you have one. With a magnetic back, you can attach to it any metal surface in your kitchen from your fridge to your cooker and keep track of the time. The amount of times these timers have saved my brownies from a burnt, blackened state is frankly unbelievable. The loud ringer can be heard from rooms away so you can relax and wait for your food to be ready, without the stress.

Bring the Stars in With this Galaxy Projector

via Amazon

This galaxy projector is one of the best on Amazon right now. This stunning display of colors lights up the whole room with three levels of brightness so you can adjust it to your preferred settings. But this fantastic listing isn’t just a projector, but a white noise machine, with various music choices to help lull you to sleep.

The Reincarnation Mask Saves Dry and Damaged Hair

via Amazon

As someone who dyes their hair a lot, this hair mask is literally a godsend. It hydrates and helps repair the natural health of your hair from bleach, heat, and sun damage to leave it looking smoother, shinier, and even more beautiful than before. I know from personal experience that it also smells amazing, leaving you with a sweet fragrance that lingers. Massage into shampooed hair and leave to work for 10-20 minutes (do this in a warm environment for the best effects). Wash out and dry/style as you usually would. You’re going to want to try this find.

This Milk Frother Helps you Make the Best Coffee

via Amazon

This is the best-selling kitchen small appliance on Amazon and I think you need it in your collection now. With its own smart, steel stand you can display it with your coffee collection proudly. This is such a versatile tool you can use for creating the perfect lattes, whisking matcha, adding the powder to shakes and smoothies, or even protein drinks. With a Zulay guarantee, there’s no risk.

Commuters and Travellers, Add this Anti Theft Backpack to your Basket Now

via Amazon

If you’re often on the go, this is the perfect backpack for you. With a USB charging port slot, you can charge your products safely so you’ll always be within reach. For just $29.99 you get a separate laptop compartment, padded, adjustable straps, a key fob hook, and even an anti-theft pocket at the back so you can store all your valuables. No matter if you’re off to school, commuting to the office, or on a great adventure cross country, this stylish gray backpack makes a great gift or purchase.

Cat Lovers, This is the Number One Novelty Scratching Post For You

via Amazon

I don’t think I’ll have to do much to convince you that this is a product you’ll want to grab for your favorite felines. In a cool, cactus design with three scratching poles and a dangling ball, you can discourage your cat from ruining furniture and give them hours of fun. Perfect for energetic kittens, this cat scratching post is a unique decoration for your home that’s also functional.

This Mop and Broom Holder Means You’ll Never Have an Excuse for a Messy Closet Again

This handy organizer is another find I never thought I’d need until I saw it. With five slots and six hooks, you’ll be able to store cleaning products, garden tools, umbrellas, and anything else you need to. The easy installation means you can have it up in minutes. I want one for my garage, my doorways, my cleaning closets. reviewers say “GET IT. BUY IT NOW. NO- REALLY PROCESS TO CHECKOUT” and I have to say, I agree. This is a product you’ll want to add to your cart ASAP.

This Coffee Grinder is Going to be Your New Every Day Essential

via Amazon

Who doesn’t like fresh coffee in the mornings? There’s no fresher at-home coffee than from freshly ground beans, brewed in the comfort of your own home. This Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder has a sleek enough design that it’ll look great on your countertops and is so easy to use, you’ll have no excuse not to make use of it. Plus, it’s quieter than its competitors, so no matter how early of a riser you are, you can still wake up to a fresh cup of Joe.

Elevate Your Home Decor with these Tarot Tapestries

via Amazon

These tarot tapestries are a chic bohemian accessory that is the perfect addition to any room. Reviews say they “exceeded expectations” and that they’re “perfect and so cute for decoration.” With 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, it’s definitely an investment worth making. Plus, you get 3 cute wall hangings for under $15 collars. This is a find I wish I discovered sooner!

Everyone Needs a Tangle Teezer

via Amazon

There’s a reason Tangle Teezers are such iconic products. They are the best detangling brush on the market now and the 30,000 ratings on this wet detangling brush will attest to that. And, this version is intended to be used after the shower to leave you with beautiful knot-free hair. It also comes in this very trending millennial pink color!

This Lip and Cheek Tint Was One of my Favorite Finds

I stumbled across this stunning product while researching beauty items and just loved it. It’s a lip and cheek tint so you can totally streamline your beauty routine and make space in your makeup bag for other exciting items. This pigment can be used on the entire face for a monochromatic vibe and the cozy nude shade is perfect for that simple, elegant, your-face-but-better look. The velvet stain formula keeps you looking flawless and makes transfer and smudging a problem of the past. I want every shade, and you’re going to as well.

These Acne Patches Have Changed the Skincare Game

If you’re old enough, you probably remember the days of putting toothpaste on your pimples to “dry them out.” This is legit the best alternative to those old-school tricks. Grab a pack of 40 pimple patches for under $10 for an inexpensive way to solve your skin woes. They work by shrinking your pimples with tea tree oil and hydrocolloid dressings and prevent the dreaded picking which causes scarring. You need to grab these now.

Your Kitchen Needs This Dishwasher Magnet

It’s the solution to a problem that anyone with a dishwasher has. How do you know if you’ve gone to bed and remembered to turn it on in a sleepy haze? How do you keep track of the dishes when you’re living with other people? Just throw this simple magnet on your machine and switch the slide to indicate if the dishes are dirty or clean. It’s literally the easiest little addition you can add to your kitchen that will improve the quality of your life drastically.

This Car Mat is a Treasure Trove of Nostalgia

via Amazon

This car mat is my nephew’s favorite toy. It’s genuinely an essential you need around the house if you have kids at all. Or if you’re just really into that kooky, maximalist aesthetic! For under $20 you have this roll-out mat with a large road and town design with a rubber backing so it won’t slide around, no matter how much fun you’re having.

Decorate your Room with your Favorite Vinyls with these Wall Mounts

via Amazon

Stylish and sleek, these shelves are clear to give a floating impression, which is perfect for minimalist styles. They’re also sturdy enough to hold your vinyl safely but they don’t look bulky. Easy to hang, durable, and perfect for the music fans in your life, this is the one for you.

You’re Going to Feel Like Royalty with this Bed Canopy

This is a product I found on Amazon that I not only love, but I own! When I was remodeling my room, I wanted to create the ultimate tranquil escape, completely hidden from the outside world. This canopy is not just a functional mosquito net, perfect for outdoor relaxing and hot climates, but it also makes a dreamy home decor item with super easy install so you can simply hang it over your bed for the quickest transformation! You need it now!