Ice Cube Under Fire After Tweeting 'Racist' Images and Conspiracy Theories | 22 Words

After consistently speaking out against the unjust death of George Floyd, Ice Cube has this week come under fire for tweeting "racist" images and controversial conspiracy theories.

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For the last month, Ice Cube has been using his platform to speak out against the racial injustice in this country.

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Since the shocking death of George Floyd on May 25th, the rapper and actor has wasted no time in condemning the blatant racism happening every day here in America.

But this week, his tone has taken a turn...

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And many people have been slamming him for sharing conspiracy theories and for even been "racist."

Now, plenty of famous figures have been speaking out regarding the Black Lives Matter movement...

And they have all been adopting similar methods of peacefully calling for the racism in this country to be brought to an end.

Cardi B told fans on Instagram how tired she is of the injustice.

"Enough is enough! What will it take? A civil war? A new president? Violent riots? It’s tired! I’m tired!"

Florence Pugh emphasized the message of "action over words."

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The actress took to her Instagram stories to spread the message.

"It’s all senseless."

"There has to be a stopping point in the process of arresting someone."

Ariana Grande also urged her fans to take action.

"Gentle reminder that this doesn’t end today or tomorrow or after you post about it once."

But Ice Cube has been one of the most vocal celebrities to speak out...

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And he has taken a slightly different approach to the other famous figures online.

The rapper immediately spoke out about Floyd's death the day the video went viral, writing:

"How long will we go for Blue on Black Crime before we strike back???."

He even canceled his Good Morning America appearance.

He took to Twitter to tell fans the news.

Many people weren't happy with his decision, however.

One fan said that the star could have used the platform to raise more awareness.

Ice Cube then responded with this:

"I’m done talking."

He has been sharing plenty of cartoons, too.

The rapper is evidently furious and has been posting a barrage of tweets and images like the one above that express his distaste with the government.

But some of his images have been met with a lot of controversy...

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And he has been slammed as "racist" in the process.

First, he tweeted this image.

The drawing depicted a group of men with exaggerated facial features typical of anti-Semitic imagery playing Monopoly on the backs of black people.

And then he tweeted this.

This image suggests that the "Black Cube of Saturn" - an incredibly controversial conspiracy theory - lies within the Star of David.

This kind of behavior really isn't acceptable...

And plenty of people have been calling him out for his anti-Semitic choice of imagery.

Twitter users are completely baffled by the rapper's sudden attack towards the Jewish community...

Surely he is only making the racism problem worse by sharing these kind of images?

And many have been begging the rapper to remove the images...

But he is yet to do so.

Ice Cube is still to respond to any of these allegations and criticisms.

But the fact of the matter remains: The rapper should not be attacking other racial groups... And there is never an excuse for antisemitism.