In spite of the fact we now have a vaccine for COVID-19, the numbers are still on the rise. Why? Well, because certain selfish people are refusing to do their bit for the community and get their shot!

But today, one ICU doctor has spoken out. She's revealed the unbelievable things unvaccinated patients are telling her to the Huff Post - and the internet is taken aback.

Thanh Neville first details the traumas she's faced over the past year and a half. "We took care of the infected and the critically ill when no one else would. We reused N95 masks, carefully placing them in labeled brown paper bags in between shifts. We witnessed lonely deaths and held up iPads for families to say their heartbreaking goodbyes. We created elaborate backup schedules and neglected our personal lives. We stepped up during surges and when our colleagues fell ill," she explains.


And when the vaccines became available, Neville believed things would finally start to turn around in the ICU. " I briefly saw light at the end of the tunnel. The number of patients with COVID-19 in ICUs across the country plummeted. It looked like our sacrifices and commitment as health care workers had paid off. We believed herd immunity could become a reality and we could return to some sense of normalcy."

But sadly, this has turned out not to be the case. The new delta variant is far more easily transmissible, and the fact that there are people refusing to get vaccinated against it means COVID numbers are surging once more. This doesn't need to be the case. "My experiences in the ICU these past weeks have left me surprised, disheartened, but most of all, angry."

Neville explains the shocking things she routinely hears from unvaccinated patients - from calling life-saving masks "muzzles" to misinformation about intubation being what "kills patients."


But it's the excuses of the unvaccinated that has truly shocked Neville. "I cannot help but recoil as if I've been slapped in the face when my ICU patient tells me they didn't get vaccinated because they 'just didn't get around to it.' Although such individuals do not consider themselves anti-vaxxers, their inaction itself is a decision — a decision to not protect themselves or their families, to fill a precious ICU bed, to let new variants flourish, and to endanger the health care workers and immunosuppressed people around them. Their inaction is a decision to let this pandemic continue to rage."

Many Facebook commenters have spoken out in support of Neville's experience. "This is true. I work at a hospital in Mo and it's absolutely crazy! We had a brief flutter of normality," one agreed.

"So true! I also work in a hospital and I've had many Covid patients tell me they don't really believe in Covid, and often make it political. One guy who believed this way was in a coma for 2 months, has a brain infection, and can't even raise his arms to feed himself. But Covid isn't real?!" another wrote.

Get vaccinated, people!