ICU Nurse Demonstrates How She Tells COVID Patients They’re About To Be Intubated and It’s Tough To Watch

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An ICU nurse has posted a sobering video on TikTok, and it shows just how important it is to take coronavirus seriously.

Read on to check it out for yourself…

Healthcare workers are continuing to battle with Covid-19, as more people than ever fill the halls of local hospitals…

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Despite this, there are still people out there refusing to believe the painful reality of what’s really going on.

Throughout this pandemic, we have experienced a whole array of conspiracy theories.

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As COVID-19 wages on, there is still a point of discussion as to whether the virus actually exists, or whether it’s simply a huge government-fabricated scheme.

Opinions on the matter are well and truly divided…

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But the fact remains that there are far too many people who believe the pandemic is simply the government’s way of “controlling us.”

And sadly, as the months have slowly trickled by…

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More and more people have been joining the anti-COVID movement.

This ideology is not only dangerous to the people who believe in it…

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But it is also incredibly damaging to the rest of us.

COVID-deniers have become known for refusing to wear masks or abide by social distancing…

Thus putting anyone they come into contact with at risk.

These enraged anti-maskers are on the rise…

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And, clearly, they’re oblivious to the harm they are inflicting upon those more vulnerable to the virus.

But this week, one ICU nurse has shown the real reason we need to take this virus seriously…

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“Every single day, I help someone’s body to fight off death…”

Twenty-eight-year-old Savanna is a traveling ICU nurse…

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She’s originally from Tennessee but is currently working at a hospital in New York City, treating patients with Covid.

Savanna’s already difficult job has been made even worse over the past year…

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“ICU nursing is a delicate balance of trying to run someone’s body for them, when their body cannot do it themselves,” Savanna said.

She continued…

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“We manage medication drips to keep your heart beating. We run a machine that can act in place of the kidneys. We assist to place you on a machine that will keep your lungs breathing. We feed you, and care for every need that your body has while you cannot do it yourself.”

Just like thousands of Health Care workers when the coronavirus pandemic hit, she struggled with the added pressure. 

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“The pandemic has turned an already tough job into something that — for many nurses and healthcare workers — would be considered a nightmare. We were asked to risk our lives to come in and take care of the nation’s sick — a call many of us have proudly answered — knowing that every day we come to work, we are opening ourselves to exposure and infection,” she said.

Savanna admitted in her TikToks that she has cried a lot after returning home from shifts.

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“It has led to many of us picking up extra hours to fill gaps left by the increasing needs of ICU nurses. And it has left many of us traumatized from the sadness and death that we have seen on such a high level during the pandemic,” she said.

One of Savanna’s most challenging roles is to inform patients with severe coronavirus symptoms that they need to be intubated…

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This means that when a patient can no longer breathe on their own, a doctor places a tube down their throat which is connected to a ventilator allowing a machine to do the work for them.

Savanna recently posted a POV TikTok…

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Showing her followers how she tells patients they need to be intubated.

​She thought it’d help those with family members suffering from the virus…

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“I decided to post this video…to educate families that have loved ones who have gone through this recently, and to educate people who still choose to not mask or follow social distancing guidelines,” she said.

“I also filmed it to let people know that we are still here, and still really care for their loved ones while they are in the hospital,” she said.

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“We spend our whole day with this one life, trying to save them, forming bonds with them, and it breaks our heart for them to have to go through this alone.”

Savanna has seen people in their twenties, thirties, and forties die from the virus…

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“Every single day, I help someone’s body fight off death with a huge team of others in the hospital,” she said.

This is why disinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 are so harmful…

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“I hope people take away that healthcare workers are here to help them. But at the same time, they need to understand that what may seem like a simple choice to not wear a mask on the subway could end a life and devastate a family. Small choices right now have big consequences.”

Check out her sobering video below…

You can watch more of her videos here.
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