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Identical Twins Compare Vegan and Omnivore Diets to See Which Is Best

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That’s right folks, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Vegan vs Meateater. The Rebel Whopper vs The Whopper. Ying vs Yang.

There’s so much information out there on the internet – especially when it comes to health and dieting. And now, here’s some more for you.

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The results are in!

The results from what? I hear you silently scream! The results from this fantastic experiment in which a pair of identical twins devoured two separate diet plans to see the results on their bods.

One followed a strictly vegan diet while the other followed an omnivore diet.

The identical twins, Huge and Ross Turner, took part in the 12 week experiment with Kings College London.

Hugo ditched meat and dairy while Ross stuck to a diet that included meat, dairy and fish. 

They ate exactly the same number of calories as each other every day.

They also followed precisely the same workout regime.

Hugo said that the switch to a plant based diet wasn’t easy, but that overall he ended up feeling more energetic.

Ross, however, said that the omnivore diet left him ‘up and down’. Some days he was packed full of energy. Other days he experienced ‘huge lulls’.

And the final results?

Well at the start of the diet, Hugo weighed 185 pounds and had 13 percent body fat. By the end of the 12 weeks, he weighed 181 pounds and dropped to 12 percent body fat. 

Comparatively, Ross also had 13 percent body fat at the start, but gained 10 pounds of muscle. He also gained fat, bringing his body fat percentage up to 15 percent and his weight to 189 pounds. 

In conclusion, the pair found there wasn’t a ‘huge different’ between the two diets at all…