Iditarod Dog Sled Racer, Blair Braverman, Just Revealed the Most Harrowing Part of the Race in a Viral Thread

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Ever heard of the Iditarod? It’s Alaska’s famous dogsled race, held annually along its namesake: the Iditarod Trail. Each year, mushers and their teams of dogs gear up for a trek from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska.

The Iditarod is hugely important in Alaska, especially since the popularity of casual dogsledding has risen. The yearly race draws in around 50 mushers and over 1,000 racing dogs. And it’s a long race, usually completed in 8-15 days! Currently, all of the fastest Iditarod completion times completed somewhere during that eighth day of the race.

So clearly, the humans sledding in the race spend a good deal of time navigating the Alaskan wilderness on their own. And needless to say, they’ve got plenty of stories to tell about the experience. Blair Braverman, one such dogsledder and Iditarod participant, shared one of her most terrifying moments from the race. You won’t believe what she saw that day until you reach the end of her Twitter thread!

So, the Iditarod:

If you were a kid when it came out, you may know if best from the Snow Dogs movie. But regardless, this weeks-long dogsledding race is super intense!

Now, it’s story time.

Author and dogsledder Blair Braverman decided to share one of her more harrowing stories from an Iditarod race!

She’s got lots of stories, of course.

But this small one is still going viral on Twitter.

Without further ado, here’s the story:

For starters, she sets the scene. And that sounds really secluded, huh?

She and her dogs were utterly alone.

Alone, it just sounds quiet and maybe a little lonely. But from there, things get creepy…

Because she started hearing things.

Okay, this is rapidly turning into a horror movie. Yikes!

And her dogs were feeling it too.

Do you know how sometimes your dog won’t stop growling at something you can’t see? Or your cat will stare at some fixed spot overhead and refuse to look away? Yeah, that’s not creepy at all.

Soon enough, they lost the daylight.

And if horror movies are anything to go by, that makes it a million times creepier.

And sure enough, it got creepier.

She couldn’t be sure if the strange shapes were a figment of a hyperactive imagination…or not.


If you’re reading this story alone at night…maybe turn an extra light on right about now.

Here’s what she saw:

NOPE. That is NOT what you want to see on a trail at night.

Kinda terrifying, right?

I would be very tempted to turn around at that point.

But Blair didn’t turn around.

Because apparently hallucination isn’t uncommon when tired mushers are alone on these wilderness trails.

So she and the dogs kept going.

Although she was definitely keeping an even closer eye on her surroundings going forward!

In fact, she was vigilant for a long time.

I mean, fair. That sounds like an insanely tense several hours!

But the “hallucination” didn’t stop.

And that’s how you know you’re really not alone.

Her dogs reacted.

This wasn’t any trick of the light. There was someone–or something–on the trail with Braverman and her dogs.

And Blair didn’t consider herself much of a conspiracy theorist.

Heck, I’d start getting my tin foil hair ready, too!

The dogs were on a collision course of sorts.

And yeah, it was waiting for them. Which is pretty much the scariest thing you could see in the middle of the night, all alone.

Even nature was setting the scene.

Yep, it was all perfectly dramatically framed. And pretty horrifying, TBH.

Does this mean Slender Man is real?

Whatever it was, Braverman couldn’t try and write it off as a tree branch or her imagination any longer. There was definitely something ahead of them.

Brace yourselves.

And, ya know, let the suspense build. Because what Blair was seeing was, in fact…

Wait, WHAT?!

Whatever you were expecting to hear, “Iditarunner” probably wasn’t it.

That’s right: some dude was running the Iditarod Trail.

There are marathons, and then there’s whatever running this trail is. I mean, yeah, it’s a race. But the people in the race are using dogs to travel.

Turns out, there’s an invitational the week before the race begins.

So that some people who don’t mush can still race in the Iditarod. And those people have quite the journey to make!

So, all in all, harmless.

Well, the runner was harmless. I don’t know if I’d classify running without a headlamp “harmless.”

So what was with the strange back-and-forth?

Turns out, he wasn’t flitting in and out of Braverman’s vision just to be completely terrifying.

Although he HAD been terrifying.

Just in case that was part of the multitasking…if Braverman’s story is anything to do by, ‘terrifying’ was an easy look on this spandex-covered guy.

Presumably, he’d been waiting for them because:

While I understand the urge to watch an expert musher and fourteen gorgeous dogs running by…it’s still a creepy mental image.

Think fast!

Hah! It was totally an alien, guys. For a little more background on the race itself and the gorgeous dogs at the heart of it, keep scrolling.