Kids can be a handful (and sometimes quite a mess), but mothers have always been there to pick up the pieces of whatever wreckage children leave behind.

The bond between mother and child is indescribable, but that old saying, "no one loves you like your mother" has never been more true than in these awesome photos.

One mother has gone to extremes to make Christmas memorable for her children.

That is the purest thing I have ever seen. Excuse me while I go cry for a second.

This mom has decided that presentation is everything.

Presentation is important. And that's Chef Mum to you.

Keeping with the theme of Chef Mum for a second — this creative mom didn't want her fur baby to be left out.

That is freaking adorable! Yep. I need another cry break. Hang on a second.

Dog moms count too!

This puppy was going to go on a mini vacation, so her dog mom packed her a little bag and it's hilarious. I'd like to imagine the bag is just full of dog treats.

Parenting is totally exhausting, so this mother and her dog put their minds together and came up with a creative solution.

Sometimes you really don't want to get up. Having your dog handle your tasks is probably the smartest idea anyone has ever had.

It's always nice when parents share your interests — or at least fake an interest in the things you like to be supportive.

There's no way this mom was pretending, though. She (much like the rest of us) fell deep down the rabbit hole that is the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory. Don't bother, mum — we've already racked our brains over this. Spare yourself.

A good parent is there to support their child through the good times and the bad.

And when this girl got a rejection letter from a state college, her mother baked her an amazing cake that said, "Screw SD State, Their Loss." nd if that isn't the most supportive parent ever...

In a close second for most supportive parent: This lady!

Instead of trying to scare her daughter away from dating, she's doing ground work and finding possible candidates for her! How...nice?

As much as parents do for their children it's nice to be able to help out your parents when they need it.

This mom wanted to leave work so badly that she asked her daughter to send her a picture of a cut and act like she was hurt. Like any good child, she played along and helped her mom play hooky. Parent-child bonding at its finest.

One thing that's nice about having kids is that you can send them to school to torture some other adults for eight hours a day.

One parent felt bad about unloading her kid on someone else though, and she made literally the best gift in history for her son's elementary school teacher. "The reason you drink."