If You Spend Time On Buses or Trains, You Can Relate To These Insane Observations | 22 Words

For those of us who spend time on public transportation, we know that things can get real personal, real quick with our fellow riders. You can't help but notice personal things about other people or overhear their conversations, but that doesn't make what you see any less funny. Or random. Or just weird.

Take a look at these Twitter users sharing just a few of their crazy observations on buses and trains.

Before we go too far, let's do a sweet one.

Maybe this will be a fun story for the grandkids. Possibly over a waffle breakfast?

We all know how frustrating explaining computer stuff over the phone can be.

We also know how obnoxious it is to listen to someone talk on a phone on a train so...I'm split.

Sweet freedom!

You can't take your pants or shoes off yet, but get comfy by ditching what you can!

Pardon the profanity, but...I think it's called for.

If you're carrying graham crackers on your commute, you probably are very much looking forward to eating them. That thief is the worst. Next time pick a bike or something, dude.

Is he warning you or calling you a "witch?"

Because if it's the former, he's just being helpful! Either way, I would probably hop off that train.

You know what's weirder than stealing a lobster?

Treating it as a pet instead of just eating it. You can't bond with a lobster!

Welp, this person is the real monster.

Share your seat! Though that is a pretty amazing way of getting people to move. The most trite conversation ever!

No one asked for a bedtime story, sir!

Although, my reaction would depend very much on what book he's reading.

"I appreciate the drunken cosplay, sir, but I need to get home."

I'm not a fan of the books or movies, but there's gotta be something that defeats him, right?

Even shirtless weirdos worry about germs.

Though we all wish they'd spend a little more time worrying about shirts.