If You Text This Art Museum, They Text You a Picture of Art Right Back! | 22 Words

For many Americans, museum's just aren't convenient. Maybe they're located too far away. Maybe they're too expensive. Maybe kids keep you from making the trip.

Well, one museum thought up an amazing way to bring art to the people.

All you have to do is text.

The San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art is sending art to any Americans that asks.

All via text!

Here's how it works!

Simple enough, right? It seriously couldn't be any easier.

Here's what that person got in response!

Pretty cool, huh? It's just terrific when organizations like this come up with stuff that you weren't even aware you wanted!


Want a witch piece? You got it. I wonder who's on the other end hunting stuff down?

It's amazing how something so simple and unexpected can brighten up your day!

They don't seem to have any issue with repeat customers, so ask away!

Just don't forget to say thanks!

It's the least you could do for having some of the world's greatest art delivered to your doorstep!