If You're a Fan of Big Dogs, Get Familiar With These 18 GIANT (and Cute) Breeds | 22 Words

While many people would consider themselves "dog people," the preferences can get more specific than that, as some people prefer big dogs, small dogs, active dogs, etc...

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Well, if you like small pups that can fit in your purse or hand...this probably isn't the gallery for you. However, if you're a fan of giant dogs that more closely resemble bears or buffaloes, you're going to delight in photos of 18 enormous breeds. Some are common, some are very rare. All are huge. Enjoy!


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Perhaps the best-known big dog of the bunch.


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If you wish poodles were...bigger...this is the dog for you.

Bordeaux Mastiff (French Mastiff)

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The first of many, many mastiff breeds you'll see on this list.


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It looks like the lovechild of Falcor and a shag carpet, doesn't it? It's not a common dog, which is good, because just imagine bathing it!


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If you're looking for a snow dog that's huge, here's your beast.


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(Smaller dog for scale.)

Giant Schnauzer

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Like a regular schnauzer, but...giant.

Bully Kutta (Pakistani Mastiff)

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This breed looks like the king of pit bulls, doesn't it?

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

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Cuddly with good coloring, these have become more popular in recent years.

Spanish Mastiff

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Remember these as the mastiffs that always look worried.

Tibetan Mastiff

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These mastiffs look more cuddly than scary.


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Like a pit bull that's been inflated.

Bernese Mountain Dog

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They're known for their beautiful coats and lush coloring.

Irish Wolfhound

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The most slender of the bunch, these guys are fast.

Great Dane

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These are known to be tall, slender, and VERY slobbery.

Neopolitan Mastiff

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The last mastiff entry. Not exactly a lap dog, is it?


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They're not known to get huge, but they can be bred much larger than your average ones are.

Scottish Deerhound

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It may look like mostly hair, but they can get over 80 pounds, easy.