If You’ve Ever Worked in the Hell That Is Customer Service You’ll Definitely Relate

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We’ve all worked some crappy jobs. When you’re fresh out of school and you just need some work experience, just about any job will do. But there are definitely tiers of job crappiness. Somewhere near the bottom of the crappy job food chain is every customer service job ever.

If you’ve ever worked in food service or in retail, these things will all feel very familiar…

There are certain customers who, no matter how many times you explain it, will just never get it. We should all applaud those who are brave enough to take on the idiots of the world.

“Welcome to Taco Bell!” you exclaim with a smile (because your manager insists on it). And what do they do? Nothing. SAY SOMETHING. ANYTHING.

Being yelled at about things completely out of your control can come up fairly often, especially if you have incompetent managers. Sometimes it helps to remember the money you’re making while you’re forced to sit there and listen to someone scream like a child. Sometimes…it doesn’t.

That’s when you say, “One moment please,” go to the back of the store, and just let it out. If you’re lucky, they’ll go away and never bother you again.

It’s great being told to do something when you’re literally in the middle of doing multiple other things. Just great.

As long as you’ve done everything according to store policy, you’re happy to call your manager to the scene, because…

Working retail means you find joy in the oddest places. Like in a rude customer getting their well-deserved comeuppance.

Sometimes life just works out in the best way possible. Karma is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

And when those “needs” aren’t met, they’ll act like a 5-year-old. Or Patrick Star.

We’re gonna let you in on a little secret. Every time you threaten to take your business elsewhere, every single employee wants to Shia LeBeouf it and tell you to “JUST DO IT!”

Maybe you gave a halfhearted chuckle the first time. After the millionth time, it gets a little old.

The job has completely broken your will. But hey, at least you’re making minimum wage!

So when a customer questions your product knowledge, it can be hard to keep it together. Forge on, valiant soldier. Forge on.

Of course, you inevitably have that one last customer who sneaks in two minutes before close. Of course.

It’s the most lovely feeling watching them try to open the locked doors to no avail. Leave customer service workers alone!