Iggy Azalea Says She Won’t Post About her Son Anymore After People Criticize his Dinosaur Onesie

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Iggy Azalea has said that she will not post pictures of her son anymore, after receiving criticism for his outfit.

Azalea announced that she had welcomed her first child, Onyx, whose father is Playboi Carti, last year; shocking fans who had been unaware she was pregnant.

Since then, she has shared very little about 1-year-old Onyx online, but after the recent actions of people, it seems she won’t be sharing anything in the future.

It comes after Azalea shared a picture to her Instagram story showing Onyx playing on the floor while wearing a dinosaur onesie. Alongside the picture she wrote: “His outfit choice of today.”

Unfortunately, the picture caused trolls to appear, with many criticising and mocking Oynx’s outfit, but Azalea had something to say about it as she called out one Twitter user as being “miserable” and “bored.”

“Imagine being so miserable that you bully a one-year-old child for picking his own outfit. Y’all so corny and bored and it’s really a damn shame,” she wrote on Twitter.

And then, when others tried to defend their actions by calling the outfit a “meme” and explaining “there isnt really any ill intent,” Azalea slammed them once more.

“My child is not a sub-brand for his fathers fans to obsess over or clown on because the reality is that y’all don’t like his mom so you think it’s cute to be rude about a baby and what funny stuff he wears. Know that I will smack you in person, and so will his dad,” she wrote.

Of course, fans of the rapper soon came to her defence with one person writing: “This is why celebrities don’t share their kids. People are so miserable man.”

However, it seems the criticism and unwarranted comments have gone too far as Azalea has decided that she will not be “posting about onyx or sharing images online anymore.”

Just as any mom, she wants to protect her child so she took to Twitter, once again, to explain: “I’ve decided I won’t be posting about onyx or sharing images online anymore. Y’all not about to be out here playing with my baby on my watch, nope!”

Azalea recently spoke about how she wants to raise Onyx to have “his own identity” and be “kind to everyone.”

Speaking with People she said: “I want him to have his own identity. I don’t want him to be so attached to me.

“I want him to have a chance to be his own person. And I don’t want people to know him or have an opinion about him before they even meet him or before he’s even decided who he is. I just hope he turns out being kind to everyone. That’s my biggest thing. I want him to just be kind.”