IKEA Customers Sleep in Showroom After Being Snowed In

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IKEA customers were forced to sleep in the store after a particularly bad snowstorm lead to them being trapped inside.

As temperatures drop the closer we get to winter, the weather has been getting more and more severe…

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With storms and heavy snowfall, we just can’t catch a break here in the U.S.

And weather conditions elsewhere around the globe are feeling the drop just as bad…

As one IKEA store in Denmark had to close its doors, with customers still inside.

Scroll on for IKEA Aalborg’s Instagram videos…

The IKEA showroom in Denmark saw 6 customers and two dozen employees bunk down for the night…

After extreme weather conditions left them trapped inside.

The store in Aalborg closed on Wednesday after a whopping twelve inches of snow fell outside.

And people have been sharing their thoughts on the impromptu sleepover…

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According to The Sun, store manager Peter Elmose told the local newspaper: “We slept in the furniture exhibitions and our showroom on the first floor, where we have beds, mattresses and sofa beds.”

Adding that on a more positive note, people were able to “pick the exact bed they always have wanted to try.”

Employees from the toy shop opposite IKEA were also stuck and were forced to stay the night too, although it did look like a lot of fun…

The toy shop manager Michelle Barrett said: “It’s much better than sleeping in one’s car. It has been nice and warm and we are just happy that they would let us in.”

And it seems there were no bad vibes despite the situation being more than a little inconvenient…

“We just laughed at the situation, because we will probably not experience it again,” Barrett added.

How would you react?