While we're all stuck in lockdown, it can be hard to keep ourselves entertained. But in order to stump some of that quarantine boredom, we're going to share with you some instructions set by IKEA who have let us know the best ways to build 6 different forts.

And let me tell you, the results have been incredible. Read on to see the amazing furniture forts created by IKEA.

Everyone's been to IKEA, right?

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The Swedish-found multinational group that specializes in all things home-wear, is probably one of the most popular furniture stores in the world.

IKEA has a pretty rich history.

The story starts in the 60s when Swedish founder Ingvar Kamprad decided to make his little business venture into a reality.

After releasing some iconic products such as POÄNG and BILLY bookcase...

Things really began to take off.

And by the early 2000s, he managed to build a furniture empire.

With over 313 IKEA stores in 38 countries/territories, it has cemented itself as one of our staple shopping stores.

The stores are even popular places for people to hang out!

Don't tell me you've never taken a trip down to your local IKEA just because you wanted to? No shopping lists, no baskets, just you and your spontaneous trip around the store.

Well, it has become difficult to do so over the past few months...

Due to the global pandemic, we've all been ushered into our homes and even though they might be nice, they're nothing compared to the IKEA setups.

But thanks to IKEA Russia, we can now construct our own at home!

The Instagram account decided to post 6 different sets of instructions that outline how to build our very own furniture forts from the comfort of our living rooms! Keep scrolling as we take you through each one.

1. Dömik.

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The first one we have is Dömik and all it requires is a table, 2 sheets, a few pegs to make sure sheets stay in place, and some accessories.

2. Vigåm.

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The second one requires a little more work to build but the results are worth it, as you'll see later on.

3. Palåtka.

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Number 3 is similar to number 1 nut instead of using a table, you can use an IKEA clothes rack so you can have some more space inside.

4. Norå.

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Now Norå is pretty interesting and is probably the simplest of the 6 instructions. This is perfect for children who want to try building their own fort at home.

5. Krepöst.

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Now 5 requires a little bit more work than the rest and only works if you've got a fold-out sofa. But if you can get this one done, you're set to enjoy a very comfortable and secretive fort.

6. Zåmok.

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Now, if you're looking for a spacious fort, then this one will be perfect for you.

And of course, people were so excited to try them out!

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The results have been incredible!

This user on Instagram posted a picture of their finished fort.

"We built a house. Remember how in childhood you built houses from everything that came to hand?" It does bring back fond memories...

And it also keeps the children entertained.

Look at how happy they look in their mini house!

You can also adapt the instructions to make it work for you.

They are extremely flexible. Plus, you can accessorize your design the way you want just to give it a more unique twist.

Here's a cute rendition of Palåtka:

You can only hope that yours turns out as good as this one...

But whatever the result...

It'll be a fun way to pass time while we're all in quarantine!

I definitely have my weekend plans sorted.

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