13 Images That Get Funnier and Funnier the Longer You Look at Them | 22 Words

Have you ever looked at something and realized what you were seeing wasn't all there was to it?

That's the thing about pictures, sometimes there's way more than you think there is.

Here are 11 pictures that had people going, "whoa!" once they realized what they were seeing!

1. If sideye could kill...

Look at this picture. The woman in the red is giving the woman in the black epic side-eye, isn't she? After all, that (very cute) dog is a thing of wonder.

But if you look closer, that's not the only side eye happening in this picture. Doubt our word? Look closer. Do you see it? Yep!

2. Here comes the bride

There's a bride in this picture. Look closer if you don't believe us. Check out the waterspout. No, not the first one, the second one. See it now?

There's another thing to notice about this picture. If you look closely, you'll see that the bride is, in fact, a dude. Ah, the glory of modern times.

3. Full moon couch

There's a butt in this picture, can you spot it? No? We'll give you a hint, it's definitely not the masked vampire lady. Happy hunting.

On a side note, we can't help but wonder exactly what party these two were at. It looked like an amazingly good time. Please invite us next time.

4. Help me!

There's a literal cry for help in this picture. Can you see it?

5. Falling in love

This young couple is sooo in love. Or maybe they're friends. Who knows? What we do know is that someone in this picture is falling – in the literal sense. Catch?

6. Where's Waldo?

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No, seriously, where is he? He's in this picture, hiding in plain sight. Don't see him? Look closer. Closer... Did we mention Waldo's a giraffe?

7. Pose for the picture

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Look at this boy. It's (probably) prom night, and he brought his A-game. He has the tux, the silk handkerchief – he even has the checkered vest. He's looking – in a word – fly.

There's only one thing messing up his sartorial swag, however. Do you see it? Here's a hint, it's literally looking back at him from the mirror.

8. NSFW steam room

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This picture is wholesome, isn't it? There's coaches and all their players, the picture of youthful vigor and triumph. There's only one problem though.

This is (presumably) a men's locker room, which means there's guys around doing what guys do in locker rooms. Look hard, you'll find it.

9. All by myself

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School dances can be a rough experience. If you're  not one of the popular kids, then you're sometimes forced to go by yourself.

And then, when you're there, you're sometimes forced to dance by yourself. Thankfully, this guy has the confidence to pull it off. Ah, that teenage spirit.

10. But seriously, how many hands do you have, tho?

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In many ancient mythologies, you will find multi-armed creatures. Whether benevolent or malevolent, one thing is constant about them – they're uber powerful.

That may be the case with the model in this picture. He has three – maybe – four hands. Who knows, truly, but one  thing is clear. He's mastered the sleight of hand – lol, see what we did there?

11. Tis the season

"Deck the halls with – Good God, what is that?!" That's exactly what people will say when they come to this house of horrors. See if you can see why?

12. Reflections of a graduate

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Graduation is a wonderful time, isn't it? Parents always want to document every last moment and reflect on– Ah, what are we saying, there's a freaking freaky reflection! Look at it!

13. One extra RUFF student

Look at this picture. It has several young college students and one very good boy. Colleges these days sure are liberal, aren't they. They'll allow anyone to enroll. Even dogs.