Women don’t have it easy. In fact, they have it a lot harder than people would expect. We have to conform to double standards, we get talked down to, men often think they are above us, and more.

Of course, this magnifies if you are a black woman, an Asian woman, a Muslim woman, or really anyone that isn’t a white woman. It’s just the truth, whether people want to acknowledge it or not. The same goes for trans women, and lesbians—but every marginalized group has their own set of problems that some people are fighting to change for the better while others remain ignorant.

In terms of equality and feminism, the following thirty women are all about equality, feminism and taking down the patriarchy. They speak out with their power and force people to listen to them. They don’t back down, they fight and fight and make sure they are heard.

Tessa Thompson

Tessa is our number one queen right now, and this gal doesn't have time for anyone's negative attitude. She was doing smaller things here and there but she really came to light in Thor: Ragnarok and Westworld. She has famously slammed male writers in Hollywood for how they write women in their roles. She also confirmed that the character she plays in Thor is bisexual, and called out the final production line for cutting out the scene she had with a woman. She demands that people do better! Go off, queen!

Brie Larson

Our Captain Marvel is so perfect for her role, it's insane. She is a leader of the #MeToo movement, and we'll never forget the time she chose not to clap for Casey Affleck at the Oscars after sexual assault allegations were made against him. The star of Room felt strongly about it, especially considering she played a character who was sexually abused.

Olivia Munn

Olivia has been in the news lately because of her movie, Predator. She called out director Shane Black for hiring a known sex offender to act a scene, unbeknownst to her. She stood up and used her voice to call attention, despite getting quite a bit of unjust backlash.

Taraj P Henson

She is probably the best woman in Hollywood. No joke. The star has been in the constant limelight with her hit show Empire, but she was famous long before that. She doesn't let anyone walk over her, and the characters she plays are the same. In every interview, she is incredibly honest about how she feels, and talks about the fact that just because women get older it does not mean they should stand in the background of society.

Viola Davis

The queen mother herself, Viola Davis is literally changing the face of both cinema and television as we speak. She won praises for her work in The Help with Emma Stone, and is currently winning over hearts in How to Get Away with Murder. Acting aside though, Viola is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in--and that mostly has to do with equality for women, especially black women who are treated unfairly in the workplace and the outside world.

Katherine McNamara

Kat was not well known before her hit Freeform show, Shadowhunters, but now that she has made her mark she is using it for good. This angel grew up being bullied, but didn't let it keep her down. Not only did she graduate ahead of her own classmates, and receive her bachelor's degree by her early 20s, but this little genius made it known that the world will see her for who she is -- a badass lady. Her Instagram is full of positivity for everyone, including young girls. She promotes healthy living for people who struggle with their image, and speaks out against bullying.

Sonequa Martin-Green

Martin-Green, Star Trek Discovery actress and gender-fluidity advocate, clapped back at Piers Morgan. When she is not busy throwing shade in interviews, she uses her Instagram to promote other women for their great accomplishments.


It's known Halsey has had a rough time since she became famous. She rose to quick fame after the release of her album, Badlands.  Unfortunately, everyone talks down to her for every little thing. But make no mistake, she is proud of who she is, and she should be. Her activism includes not only standing up for women everywhere but for LGBT people and mental health issues.

Hayley Kiyoko

They call her the Lesbian Jesus, and she is already making sure she goes into the world of fame with a head on her shoulders and a voice that is loud and proud. This amazing feminist girl is slowly taking over the world of music. Every interview she gives is full of wisdom and advice to young girls, to be proud of who they are, be true to themselves and not let society dictate who they should be.


Everyone knows Zendaya. She started out on the Disney channel, and has since found her way into blockbuster films such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, and The Greatest Showman. Okay, she is THE most amazing person. Seriously, this photo alone is enough to end our discussion. She is leading the fight, armor on, sword in hand against people who want to tear down women. She attends every women's march, every black lives matter march, and speaks up for the LGBT community. She is going to take over Hollywood.

Zoë Kravitz

The supporting actress of Mad Max has decided to be a badass on and off screen. I mean come on, the girl literally runs with wolves. This amazing beauty is subtle in the art of how she approaches Hollywood. She might not often be in the news, but everyone knows about her. And why? Because more important than how gorgeous people find her, she never wastes time to tell people how much women should be appreciated for their intelligence and hard work.

Lupita Nyong'o

Lupita Nyong'o won over Hollywood with her hit performance in Twleve Years a Slave and then again with her performance in Black Panther. This outspoken feminist has taken on Hollywood by storm. She calls out magazines for photoshopping her skin or her hair and talks about the sad way people try to dictate women's beauty. She is not afraid of any backlash she might receive from calling those things out, as she is more interested in justice.

Stephanie Beatriz

This badass bisexual (which she also plays onscreen in Brooklyn Nine-Nine) reminds people every day just how powerful she is, on and off screen. She uses her voice to remind women to vote because we have the power to do so. She uses her Instagram to remind people that just because they work with men, that doesn't mean they have to do everything a man tells them to do. She is helping women stand up for themselves.

Ariana Grande

She said everything she needed to say with her music video, "God Is A Woman." Grande's songs portray the struggles women go through, and the hate we often endure from men. Her songs celebrate womanhood and perseverance.


If you don't know Rihanna, you're living under a rock. The Barbados native rose to fame in the world of music years ago and has not let go of her crown. Fenty Beauty. Need we say more? Between her makeup and lingerie line, Rihanna is changing the face of beauty and clothing lines. She is inclusive in both lines. For her makeup, she has literally every shade possible, and for her lingerie line, she made sure her models came in every shape and size. She is bringing women together to uplift each other instead of tear one another down.


Who runs the world? Beyonce. Seriously, men should be glad women want equality and not revenge, because if that ever happened, Beyonce would lead the group. This fierce queen has let the entire world that she is here to stay, and she will use her power to help women all over the world rise up. Queen B, we bow to you.

Margot Robbie

In Wolf Of Wall Street, she was just a pretty face. In I, Tonya, she shocked the world with just how much of an amazing actress she actually is. Suicide Squad was not that great, but her performance as Harley Quinn was iconic. Known for her new production company where she will include diversity and women above everything else, Margot Robbie has no time for stupidity. She is learning as she goes and is shedding a light on the people who deserve to be seen. She has made it her mission to prove to Hollywood that women are capable of producing great movies just like everyone else.

Uzo Aduba

If you might not know this woman, we won't be surprised. Though she isn't always making headlines, she is a major fan favourite on the hit show, Orange is the New Black. Uzo is amazing because one of her most famous quotes is how she is truly confused as to why anyone wouldn't want to be a feminist. She believes in change, and speaking up for what is right.

Emily Blunt

Blunt has stunned viewers in her recent performance in The Quiet Place, and now fans are excited to see her in Mary Poppins. Emily Blunt speaks out against the double standards that are inflicted on women. She once noted how women are called sluts while men are just given high fives and called players--she wants to see some change, and now, because she knows it is straight up ridiculous.

Jane Fonda

The actress rose up in Hollywood with many movies, but a fan favourite has become Monster-In-Law alongside Jennifer Lopez. This legend doesn't agree with the patriarchy, but she also doesn't want a matriarchy. She wants EQUALITY. She wants to change the cultural, social and gender norms of society to make the world a safer place for both men and women. She wants feminism to become the new democracy.

Alicia Keys

This singer has a very powerful voice, and she is still around even though she isn't constantly making music. So, why doesn't she wear makeup? Probably partially because she may just not like it. But she also has mentioned more than once that she doesn't wear it because makeup is something that is imposed on women to make them feel like they have to cover up to be beautiful.

Mila Kunis

On That 70's Show she played a fiesty woman who didn't know a lot about feminism. But that isn't the case in real life. She is so done with men pushing her aside in Hollywood that this fiery woman created her own production company with three other women. She has no time to bow to men, so she's creating her own empire. She may be small but she is fierce.

Ellen Page

She wants to make sure that everyone knows feminism isn't a bad word. She shook the world when she came out on live TV, and the internet threw a party. She is a happy, beautiful lesbian who is changing the world one speech at a time. The feminist also makes sure she plays roles that are diverse in how they portray women. She has stared in Inception as someone highly intelligent, Juno as a teen mom and a superhero in X-Men.

Emma Watson

This genius has been around for a while now, rising up in the world of Hollywood and making it her own.  From Harry Potter to Beauty and the Beast, she can play any role. She has only improved in time, extending her knowledge and speaking up for women, constantly, everywhere, and at every chance she could get. Education is a huge matter of importance for her, and her goal is to help women succeed in the world of education.

Jessica Chastain

She has stared in amazing movies such as The Help, The Martian, and Lawless next to Tom Hardy. Every time she leaves critics breathless. Beyond supporting Time's Up movement, Jessica Chastain showed exactly how to act in Hollywood when another woman was receiving an injustice. When Octavia Spencer wasn't given equal pay, and yes, it was because she's black, Jessica swooped in and made sure she got her money.

Anne Hathaway

This princess of Genovia has opened her eyes to feminism, after undoing all the internal misogyny that society has put inside her (seriously, it's a real problem). Now that she's here for it, we are here for her, because we already loved her, and now we just love her more. She has already spoken up for LGBT rights in the past, as well.

Amandla Stenberg

The star rose to fame on The Hunger Games, and has since been staring in roles left and right. She has played in soft romances like Everything, Everything and is about to shake the world with her dramatic role in The Hate U Give. Between making sure women have a voice to speak, talking about cultural appropriation and undoing heteronormativity, this young woman must be exhausted. But that doesn't mean she is going to stop the fight! She won't stop until she wins!

Mindy Kaling

Kaling is so freaking tired of women hating on each other for being successful. She wants women to be supportive of one another because really, we are all each other has! It's time to hold hands! Even on her show, The Mindy Project she makes sure to bring these issues up.

Laverne Cox

Once Laverne Cox made it on Orange is the New Black, so many important discussions came up. She is not afraid to talk about very difficult subjects, because she understands the importance of them. Her hashtag #TransIsBeautiful is a constant trend, and we love it.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has identified as a feminist from the get-go. She believes everyone should be feminists, and she's right about that. Her fight for body positivity is equally as important, as she wants people to know it is okay to feel good about yourself.