In-Car Sauce Holder for Dips Is Absolutely Perfect If You Love a Drive-Thru Meal | 22 Words

There's nothing quite like picking up some take-out food on a road trip! But the downside?

The mess, of course!

Well, thanks to this handy little invention, you will never worry about spilling dips in your car ever again! For just $10.99 you can buy your very own Saucemoto Dip Clip right here.

We have had the utter pleasure of our favorite take-out restaurants re-opening since the pandemic...

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And you know what that means? Drive-through meals, of course! There's nothing quite like picking up a cheeseburger and fries during a long drive or a road-trip, right? But the one downside to eating in your car is all of that grease and mess.

We've all split ranch sauce or ketchup in our cars...

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And it is the worst possible thing to clean up! But thanks to Saucemoto, these first-world problems are no more!

Saucemoto has just unveiled the Dip Clip - an in-car sauce holder for ketchup and dipping sauces.

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The clip has been designed to fit in just about any vehicle and it can be used in both the front seats and the back seats. As long as there is a vent to clip to, Saucemoto will work perfectly!

The clip will securely hold your sauce container in place to ensure no spillage...

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And the unique 5-in-1 aperture design will allow you to enjoy sauces from a multitude of restaurants here in the United States - including our beloved McDonald's and Wendy's.

Interested for your next drive-through venture?

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Well, make sure to click here to buy your very own Saucemoto Dip Clip for just $10.99.