In-Law Horror Stories That Will Make You Glad to be Single | 22 Words

You've seen a million movies and TV shows about it: everyone thinks their in-laws are impossible to deal with. If TV has taught us anything, it's that no matter what you do, you'll never be good enough for your in-laws. And neither will your curtains, your food, how well you clean your house, and the way you raise your kids!

As if dealing with your own parents isn't enough, there's really something extra special about trying to deal with a whole new set of parents that you didn't grow up with and haven't had as much time to fully appreciate each other's quirks. Oh, did I say special? I meant infuriating.

But it's not always that bad, is it? Some people actually do love their in-laws. But unfortunately, these are not those people. Here are some of the most outrageous stories people on Reddit have ever told about their in-laws.

When your in-laws know waaaaay too much about you.

"At my rehearsal dinner, my mother-in-law told my mom, dad, sisters, grandma, and grandpa (I was sitting at another table) the story about how she caught me and my husband having sex. She went into details... I had to hear from my sister later what happened...needless to say, we didn't talk to her for 6 months." -Packersobsessed

Well, that's just rude in any language.

"In-laws hated me, and husband wanted to make things better by telling his mom to at least give me a chance and meet me. They invited us over and then proceeded to talk shit about me in their language while I sat there smiling like an idiot not knowing what was being said. Husband ended the night early and we left. He told me what was going on once we got to the car. Needless to say, we don't talk to them anymore" -ShavenRaven

Weddings can bring out complicated family dynamics.

"My mother-in-law showed up to my wedding reception smashed, with cans of Natty Light hidden in her purse. She then proceeded to stumble, slur and make-out with her date for 2 hours until she was ushered home. This happened in front of all my extended family, who had reservations about my husband to begin with. On the grand scale of things, not terrible, but mortifying at the time." -abuzzyisawesome

Why buy new gifts just because your son has a new partner, right?

"I am divorced now, but my ex-MIL was a strange bird. For starters, the ex-in-laws liked shopping for gifts months or even years in advance, such that for the first several holidays with my ex, I received gifts that they had picked out for his ex-girlfriend. It didn't go so far as to have her name on the items, but they were very clearly intended for her with her favorite colors and motifs (stars and moons) all over everything. I guess they assumed the items were generic enough that I wouldn't know, and maybe it was my ex's fault for telling me so much about his ex-girlfriend, but I knew these were leftover gifts from his last relationship! I dutifully and diligently wrote polite thank you notes and then either sold, donated, or gave the items to my ex if he found them useful." -FlanneryOClowder

This is why we need sex education.

"My ex-MIL thought that only irrepressibly horny women wore tampons and that tampons could make you want sex too much so they were best avoided, so as not to have illicit desires at improper times. She was appalled when I went grocery shopping with her sister and bought tampons. Apparently, I embarrassed her." -flyingcatpotato

Um, that's kind of the point of the museum?

"My MIL is extremely negative and can find fault with anything. When she stays with us it's a nonstop litany of complaints. My favorite example was when we went to the Holocaust Museum for an exhibit on Nazi propaganda art. When we came out, an employee of the museum asked us what we thought of the exhibit. My MIL told him "It wasn't my cup of tea. Too depressing, and I think there was too much about Hitler." -EusociallyAwkward

This is next-level.

"My MIL stole a stack of our wedding invitations to send to her friends that we weren't inviting. We wanted a small, intimate wedding with only people we knew and loved. I hardly knew a soul there." -hochizo

Talk about a gift that comes with baggage.

"My ex-husband had gotten a vasectomy but apparently never mentioned it to his parents. Ok, it's a private thing, so I can see why you wouldn't bring it up. However, one Christmas, my ex-MIL gave me a maternity top and a giant folding screen with room for 15 photos in it. Along with these came a huge box of stationery replete with baby announcements and thank you notes. Eeep. " -FlanneryOClowder

Maybe just move at this point?

"Mother-in-law has a problem with locks. Despises the fact that we lock our front door. Has a firm belief that family should never have to knock and should be allowed to arrive and walk in uninvited. We do not believe this, and she will bitch us out for it. So, my SO was at her house and accidentally left her keys. Luckily, I was in the house. My SO called her up and her mother said she'd drop the keys down next chance she got. Three days later, the keys arrive. A week later, we're sitting playing games when our front door swings open and her family walks in. My mother-in-law had taken my SO's keys and made copies before giving them back. The locks were changed very quickly." -Van_Herenhuis

Pettiness level: 100%.

"She's said I was ruining his life at one point. I think the worst thing though was last Christmas, it was his dad, step-mom and her two sons (with one's wife and one's girlfriend there) and my SO and I. They gave us all cards with our names on the front, and mine was the only one without a heart around it. The new girlfriend of her son got this heartfelt message...I just got a Merry Christmas, love x&x. I've been around the longest and idk why that stung so much. I had to go to the bathroom to cry." -dirtypaws

This plan would have backfired no matter what because mumus are comfortable as hell.

"My ex MIL was the WORST! She would call me Heather or Rachel. My name is Amber. I was with her son for 6 years. She bought me a mumu once, for Christmas. Little did anyone know, I was pregnant and rocked that thing ALL the time." -TX_ambrosia

This is just terrible.

"I'm adopted. She has always thrown that in my face. I've always heard her say things like "since nobody knows where you came from" to "you have no heritage" to "aren't you afraid of what could be wrong with your baby?" Yes, I have a real winner of a monster in law." -nedrow

These in-laws actually seem pretty cool?

"Came out to my (now-ex, as ever) wife as a cross-dresser, she was super-cool. We planned to go to Sparkle, which is effectively trans-pride in our city, for the weekend and wife didn't want to lie to her darling mummy about what we were up to so outed me to her family. So I felt I had to also talk to my parents since it'd be odd for the M-I-L to know but not them, so did, that was uncomfortable. Then, the next time her mum was due to visit, not long after, it was suggested to me that me being in girl-mode would help normalize my weird as part of that relationship, fair enough. Somehow, between my ex and I both getting carried away, that idea turned into mother-in-law, two sister-in-laws and all their husbands coming to ours for an afternoon with tea, sandwiches, and drinks all served by me mincing around in a french maid outfit, fishnets, and heels. Didn't look any of them in the eye ever again, did get my bum groped by my 65 yr old mother-in-law way, waaaay too much that afternoon." -paigezero

Some in-laws really, really, really want grandchildren and refuse to chill.

"I spent a year and a half trying to get pregnant. About a year into it, my MIL, my husband, his aunt and I went on a little staycation at a destination near us because it was my birthday and my MIL's birthday that week. I arrived at the suite to find our room decorated with birthday stuff, which was really sweet, and a big-ass sign on the bed saying "Happy Birthday! Now make me a grandchild." -two__sheds

Well, that's pretty blunt.

"While I never met the woman, (she refused) the most memorable quote I know that came from her was after she hacked into my significant other's e-mail to discover we were spending a weekend together in New York City. She forbid us from not only staying in the same room, from even staying in the same hotel because "what if your future wife is upset she's not the first person you spent a night in a hotel with" :/" -hyperside89

Absolutely not.

"My ex's parents both said (when I had briefly left the room) that it was stupid how I was upset over my childhood pet dying because he was "just an animal" and that I was clearly just faking sadness to get attention and sympathy from my ex. I still miss that cat 7 years later, and am glad that my ex's witch of a mother (she controlled the family basically) is way out of my life." -BewilderedFingers

Sometimes the only way to deal with difficult in-laws is to be clever.

"When I first met my MIL, the first thing she said to me when we were alone together was... "It's weird that you're not a redhead. He usually goes for redheads." ..I told her "that IS weird. I usually go for redheads, too." -robotjackie

Um, that's not how you greet somebody.

"As she's walking in the door, the first time she's seen me in almost a year: "Oh my God, you're huge! Aren't you embarrassed to be so fat?"" -[deleted]

At least she's specific.

"My MIL referred to me as "The Whore of Babylon" after she figured out I was living with her son ." -messyessie

So his biggest complaint was that she...didn't exist?

"Well this isn't nearly as bad as some of these but my SO's father once told him I wasn't "tangible." We think he was trying to sound smart while insulting our relationship." -RiotReilly

Well, that show DOES make you want to bake a lot of stuff, so she might be onto something...

"My daughter's mother-in-law argued that violent movies make people violent based on the fact that she is inspired to bake the cakes she sees on the Great British Bake Off." -yettie

Did they have to be individually wrapped cans?!?!

"My mother-in-law HATES me with a passion. She has been nothing but vicious and cruel to me at every opportunity during the 22 years I have been married to her son. She is also a self-proclaimed born-again Christian, so full of love and all that drivel... Each Christmas the whole family (10-15 people at least plus their guests) would get together and exchange gifts. Each year I would get the same themed gift from her. I am over weight so she felt the need to emphasize it by doing things like giving me individually wrapped cans of slim fast, or a box of diet pills, or my favorite, one year she gave me one of those neoprene waistband things that are supposed to make you sweat like a goat until you have a slim waist." -Spookymomma

We all know what "really make up his mind" meant.

"A month before our wedding, my MIL offered to pay my husband to leave the country, so that he could 'really make his mind up'". We didn't have any contact with her for five months after that until our son was born. And suddenly she decided it was "a lot of misunderstandings" and we should "just leave it in the past and start fresh". Funny what a baby will do to people. And just to clarify, it wasn't a shotgun wedding. We'd been engaged for 3 years, and got married on our 5th anniversary." -AbomodA

This is already bad enough before you get to her reasoning.

"She didn't like the couch pillows so she bought different ones. She hated the throw rug, so bought a different one of those too (that was too big for the space we had). She told me that if anyone had seen the ones we had selected in the house everyone would think her son was gay because they weren't masculine enough." -ProffieThrowaway

This is extremely passive aggressive.

"She didn't smile in any of the wedding photos. Not a single one." -lafephi

Seems a bit extreme.

"Before the wedding, it came to her attention that I'm pro-choice (my IL's are evangelical Christians who don't believe in birth control and have 12 children) and she tried to persuade my husband to break off the engagement because I "believe in abortion and would murder any children we might conceive." As you can imagine my MIL and I don't have much of a relationship!" -lrj25

This is just evil.

"One Mother's Day weekend, we were all at my in-law's house. My SIL and I were in the kitchen and she was planning what we would make for brunch on Mother's Day. She decided on Eggs Benedict and Mimosa's. She went into detail about how we would make brunch, set the table, etc. I just nodded and smiled and agreed with everything she said. When she was finished planning, she left the kitchen. Her husband came up to me and said "You know she can't do any of that, right?", meaning his wife didn't cook. I told him not to worry about it. The next morning, she comes into the kitchen and "supervises" while I do most of the work." -awhq

Uh, what?

"'Always have sex with my son whenever he wants it'. It doesn't matter if you're in the mood or not." - this is word-for-word, my hand to God. She said this to me with a straight face while I was getting into my wedding gown. She isn't even conservative or religious!" -emmawhitman

Oh dear.

"My MIL told me that my baby loves her more than me and that I'm jealous for this. Also, she loves my baby more than I do and she feels more pain when my baby has colics or cries." -mmm2014

That's one way to steal a bride's thunder, I guess?

"My ex-mother-in-law asked me why couldn't I be normal after having a miscarriage. She went on about how having babies was the most natural thing in the world and there clearly must be something wrong with me. She also went around telling people she was pregnant on my wedding day. She wasn't. It was the start of menopause." -QueenCrush