In-laws Demand Grieving Widow Give Back Wedding Ring 6 Months After Husband’s Death

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A woman has opened up about her heartbreaking story on Reddit and explained how her fiancé’s family asked her to give her ring back after her he died so his sister can have it.

People have been left stunned over the shocking and tragic story…

“In my country, engagement rings are not a major thing,” the Redditor explained on her post.

“In my country, engagement rings are not a major thing. Couples show that they are engaged by wearing their future wedding rings on their right hand. Once they’re married, they start wearing it on their left hand,” the anonymous woman wrote.

But knowing the woman cared about this tradition, her fiancé had a custom goldsmith craft her the ring of her dreams.

“I’m a very discreet person, so he had a ring made for me that was exactly what I’d like. And I did. I absolutely adore it.”

But the pair’s happy ending was short lived.

“Sadly, a couple months ago, my fiancé fell ill and passed away. I’m not going to go into details about it because just writing this out makes me sob. I’m still very much not over it.”

But then things got even more upsetting.

“[His family] said that, since we never got married (our wedding was scheduled for early 2022) and never will, I should give the ring to the real family, since it represented a promise that will never be fulfilled.”

The woman had to deal with a heart-wrenching request while still grieving intensely over her fiancé’s passing.

The request added on to the horrific pain the woman was still experiencing – and she had quite the response.

“I told them no. Don’t get me wrong, if it were a family jewel or family heirloom, I’d not hesitate to give it back. But it isn’t. He had it made specifically for me, and I’ll be keeping it, because he gave it to me on our 5th year anniversary together.”

But the story didn’t end there – the fiancé’s family then reached out to her parents, asking them to force her to return her ring.

“My parents are on my side,” she wrote.

And it seemed the internet agreed.

One person said: “First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss. Second, the ring is yours. Your late fiancé’s family doesn’t have some kind of ownership over it. He made it for you, and the fact he sadly passed doesn’t change that. You’re the rightful owner.”

Another added: “It seems it was technically given as an anniversary gift. Try going that route with them. Idk if the laws where you are cover that but here in America, it doesn’t have to be given back if it was on a specific occasion like a birthday or anniversary.”

Another offered this interesting viewpoint: “They keep saying it was an unfulfilled contract, but the contract was exactly what this person said; a promise to spend the rest of your lives together. I don’t know if in your culture you are familiar with the phrase ’till death do us part,’ but in America, it is something that is said at weddings to the person you are marrying as a sort of promise that you’ll spend the rest of your lives together and you did. You spent the rest of his earthly life with him.”

Where do you stand on this debate?