Mom Won’t Let in-Laws Babysit Because They Refuse to Lock up Their Gun

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A mom has opened up to the Reddit community about how she won’t let her in-laws babysit her children because they “refuse to lock up their gun”…

And the controversial discussion has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows.

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Now, the debate surrounding gun laws in the United States has been rife for decades…

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And although the arguments over whether U.S citizens should have the right to bear arms continue to go on in the wake of never-ending mass shootings, there is one thing that people generally seem to agree on.

And that is that guns should be kept away from children at all times.

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Everyone should realize this, right?

Because children being surrounded by firearms in their home environments is, quite frankly, a recipe for disaster.

In 2019, at least seventy-three juveniles under the age of twelve were killed after accidentally handling guns at home, according to USA Today.
Following these terrible tragedies, legislators pushed for tougher gun storage laws, and Gov. Matt Bevin said, “Parents should be held accountable in large measure for ensuring their children are safe.”

Is owning a gun and refusing to store it away properly really worth the risk of a child being injured?

Or, even worse, killed?

Well, this is what brings us back to today’s story.

An anonymous mom recently took to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” thread to explain the awkward situation she has with her stubborn in-laws.
“My in-laws (80M and 70F) have a gun for protection. They do not keep it locked up in a safe. They will not tell us where it is except that it’s in their bedroom, but my husband is fairly sure it’s under their mattress,” she started by explaining.

“My father-in-law assured me that he doesn’t keep it loaded, but will not show us where they keep it. All I have is his word.”

“My in-laws are healthy and mentally sound,” she went on, “And they love to watch our kids (3F and 5M). I used to leave the kids at their house when they were babies, but now that my son is older, he’s at that age where he’s all about Nerf guns, playing cops, etc. We taught my son what to do if he comes across a gun, but he’s still a kid. And so, we only visit if either me or my husband can go too to make sure the bedroom door is locked.”

​The mom then explained that her in-laws found out that the grandchildren are allowed unsupervised visits at their other grandparent’s houses.

“My FIL (father-in-law) asked me why I don’t let them watch the kids and I told them because of the gun that they refuse to keep locked up. He then got pretty upset and assured me once again that it would be impossible for our son to get to it,” she said.
“I said that I don’t care, there is a gun in the house and they aren’t exactly young, if my son came across it how exactly would they be able to stop him? He told me it wasn’t even loaded. I asked him to show me and he refused. He said there is no point in keeping it in a safe because it needs to be accessible for self-defense. I said well, then there will be no unsupervised visits.”

Things then started to escalate…

“My MIL (mother-in-law) started crying a bit and then left the room. My husband started telling me that maybe it would be okay for them to watch them for an hour if they kept their bedroom door locked but I said absolutely not, they will not be watching them until I see the gun in a safe, unloaded, and completely out of my kids’ reach. Every time. I refuse to compromise.”

​”AITA for not letting my in-laws watch my kids unsupervised because they keep an unloaded gun under their mattress even if they lock their bedroom door?”

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What do you think about the situation? Do you think the mom has every right to not allow her kids to be left unsupervised with the in-laws who refuse to lock up their gun?