In-N-Out Employee Reveals 10 Secrets You Never Knew About the Burger Chain

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We all love a good burger, don’t we? And whoever says that they don’t is a liar.

Whether it’s a naughty mid-week treat, a serious hangover craving, or just a regular part of your diet (we ain’t judging you), burgers are ideal for any mood or situation. And they are undeniably a staple in our culture… I mean, we’re probably the most famous nation for creating delicious burgers, right?

I’m sure that most of you here will have eaten an In-N-Out burger at some point in your lives, or you will have at least heard of the chain. Surely.

One In-N-Out employee has recently gone viral after revealing ten secrets of the ins and the outs (see what we did there?) of the company, including their favorite “secret menu” item. This sounds too delicious to be true…

How can something so simple be so damn good?! The combination of bread, meat, (a little bit of) salad, and that sweet burger sauce has had generations of Americans hooked.

Italy has its pasta, India is famous for its curries, the Brits have their fish and chips, and we have our burgers. Regardless of what anyone says, we have the best burgers around. Fact.

Here in the States, there are numerous different companies from which we can get our burger fix.

The fast-food chain was established in California in 1948 and has been serving our country with delicious, greasy goodness ever since.

Though its locations are based primarily in the South West and the Pacific Coast, In-N-Out now has over 300 sites and has become somewhat of a household name.

Take this picture of Arnie enjoying a tasty burger. You’re welcome.

But what is it like working for the company?

We love eating their burgers, that’s a given. But would we love making the burgers so much?

On Reddit. Because, let’s face it, that’s where all the good stuff happens, isn’t it?

Like a lot of big companies, In-N-Out has had its fair share of slightly odd rules, and they were all kept as a secret from customers… Until now.

Yep, there is a secret menu amongst the staff (and now, us, obviously). Reddit-user, Booshley, revealed the secrets in a Reddit AMA, and announced what the favorite secret item was. And, needless to say, it sounds delicious. Keep scrolling to find out the inner workings of our favorite burger joint, though be warned: You will be hungry after reading this article.

Though feeding staff is the least that we’d expect of any company. According to Booshley, staff members can order pretty much anything from the menu. The only exclusions are the animal fries and the milkshakes. And it’s worth noting – employees don’t get a staff discount for their friends and families to use. Boo.

Uniformed police officers are the only people who can receive any form of discount at the chain. Be right back, just signing up to the police force…

Booshley provided some great advice on how to personalize your burger. If you’re into your spice, you can add extra chopped chillis. Or, if you’re more about that mustard life, the cooks can add extra mustards and pickles at the bottom of the burger bun. Though they still don’t serve bacon…

Booshley recommends that vegetarians order a grilled cheese sandwich, as they make a delicious alternative to the meat burgers. Though they are essentially a bread bun loaded with cheese. Booshley added that you should ask for your grilled cheese to be “extra toasted,” and with extra spread and onions. Noted.

We should hope so! One Redditor asked the question that was creeping at the back of everyone’s minds… Just how fresh is the burger meat? Booshley informed them that, because the company isn’t allowed to freeze their meat, all meat is sourced from farms local to each site.

Ever wondered why In-N-Out’s burgers are so aesthetically pleasing? Booshley said that the company pride themselves on the presentation and quality of their meals and follow strict rules when serving.  

When one user asked why napkins are always placed on top of burgers, Booshley replied: “On all of our orders, we are told to put 1 napkin for every burger and 1 napkin for every fry. If it is a protein style burger, we have to put in an extra napkin since it’s messier.” On the topic of why the napkins are placed on top of the burgers, Booshley explained that they do this because there is simply no room to put them elsewhere.

Even though the West Coast chain has become popular for its wacky stacks of meat and cheese, it turns out that there is indeed a limit to how much meat they’ll squeeze in there. Booshley said that the biggest they’ll go is 4×4 – 4 patties and 4 slices of cheese. This is all for presentation reasons. If a customer does want more, however, they will serve them, but as a separate component.

Their burgers may be top quality, but it seems that their uniform most definitely isn’t. According to Booshley, female employees have difficulties with the hats, with her saying, “We have to tuck our ponytails in and bobby pin the hat to our hair otherwise it will fall off. It’s just a much bigger hassle than the hats the boys get to wear.” The material that the pants are made of is also unsuitable for hot weather, as they will apparently “kill you” when taking orders outside on a hot day.

This is one you’ve all been waiting for. Booshley was asked what her favorite secret menu item was, and she responded with the Flying Dutchman burger. The Flying Dutchman is two beef patties sandwiched around two slices of cheese. There’s no lettuce, no wrapper, and definitely no bun. Of course, you can always ask for those as extra toppings, if so desired. Booshley recommended adding extra onion. Now, please excuse me while I put myself into a burger-induced coma.