It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Hang up those stockings, pour the eggnog, and throw tinsel over everything in sight! However you choose to decorate for the holidays, I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the decorations are fun, colorful, and at least somewhat tasteful. Do you decorate a Christmas tree? Do you light some candles? Unfortunately, not everyone is as good at this whole holiday decor thing as you are. Some people's decor decisions are rather questionable.

I have no idea who was behind some of these decor items, but I think someone should check on them and make sure they're doing OK because they really didn't think things through. These Christmas decorations shouldn't be used by anybody.

Big Toe Baby Jesus

It's like someone designed a big toe Christmas ornament, realized that was a crazy thing to do, and then tried to disguise it as though they meant for it to be baby Jesus the whole time.

Another baby Jesus.

Uh, Jesus? Are you are you doing OK, bud?

Tighty Whitey Lighties

What? You mean your hometown doesn't hang giant pairs of underwear made out of lights? That's weird!

These lights remind me of something.

I can't quite put my finger on it, though. It's something inappropriate, that's for sure.

Olaf! Speak to me.

"Pssst, kid. Do you want to build a snowman? I've got your snowman right here."

Is that a palm tree decorated with lights, or are you just happy to see me?

Oh. It is a palm tree decorated with lights.

Over here! Now over here!

If you're going to leave directions for Santa Claus, first of all, don't. The guy already knows where you live. Secondly, you could at least make them make sense.

Merry Asstmchri!

Call me crazy, but I prefer to read English from top to bottom. I know– maybe I'm the weird one.

Christmas Farts and Fancies.

I don't care what you say. This book says "farts" and I love it.


Believe that I just killed Santa. With this coffee mug. He's dead now.

Ohhhh, it's "Jana!"

Things to keep in mind when naming a child: Is it easy to spell? Is it easy to pronounce? Does it spell anything objectionable when mirrored?

Just a bunch of words.

What's your favorite part of the holidays? I love the Holoyjoy Pee.

Boob Cookies.

from funny
Man, there are way more body parts in this gallery than I was expecting. At least now you can keep the cookies at home. They're way too inappropriate to share with others.

Weed Three Kings

from funny
And lo, when the three wise men visited the baby Jesus, they brought with them three gifts: Gold, frankincense, and myrrhijuana.

Santa! How'd you get there?

I can't decide which part is worse. The Santas on the rear, or the Santa who appears to be stuck in the crotch. Nah, never mind. I guess the second one is way worse.

That's just how magical he is.

A lot of the Christmas stories leave out the fact that Santa pees maple syrup, but if you ask me, that is a very important part of Christmas lore.

Oh boy.

I have to assume that whoever priced these figurines knew exactly what they were doing.

He did what?!

I hope he found a bathroom first. Otherwise, that's gonna be a pretty uncomfortable sleigh ride.


Yup! That's what Santa looks like! Nothing odd going on here.

It's a Christmas tree.

A lot of malls choose to go with a theme for their decorated Christmas tree. Most don't choose a theme of "Poo Emoji," though.

No! Don't!

When decorating for the holidays, it's important that you really consider the context in which the decorations will be appearing. This person definitely did not do that.

Santa shower cap.

This is a weird product regardless of the fact that Santa's cheeks look kinda like boobs, right? Someone please tell me I'm right about this.

Look away, children.

Frosty, you'd better be careful with that carrot. Actually, you should also probably be careful around the fire.

Nice beard...

A lot of people don't realize this, but Santa's beard actually grew from the bottom up. This is a representation of him as a young boy.

Your son's name is Dad?!

Hi Dad. I'm Dad.

Who is responsible for this?

In this post-Human Centipede world, we really need to do better than this. I beg of you.


There's a lot I could say about this, but most of it would be unpublishable, so let's just move on to the next item, shall we?

Merry Xams!

Are we celebrating exams? Why would we do that?


Get it? It's a very funny insurance-related joke. I think. No, wait, it's just someone being lazy.

R-rated Santa.

Maybe we should all agree to ignore this one. As long as the kids are having fun, ya know? Share this with someone who has a great sense of humor!