The rich and the famous lead different lives than we do. This becomes even more obvious when you look at their houses. These are people who can tailor their homes to all of their smallest specifications. High-end finishes. Beautiful landscaping. Kitchens that would make a master chef drool.

But it becomes all the more impressive when you see where some of these luxury homes came from. We're talking serious "fixer-uppers" that became amazing luxury houses. You will not believe these before and after pics: it's like you're looking at two completely different houses (I honestly had to double-check on a few of them because I thought I had been punked).

Do you want to see the most impressive before and afters around? Let's check out some mansions, some high-end condos, and the most beautiful luxury homes before they got their facelifts, and after the remodels. You don't want to miss this one.

This house is unrecognizable.

I swear my grandma lived at the before house, and now it's fit for some kind of Hollywood royalty.

Now THIS is how you upgrade a farmhouse.

Ok, it started out quaint and cute, but then it turned into something truly amazing. Sometimes impressive transformations don't have to start from awful, they can just end at gorgeous.

I fully do not believe this is the same house.

First of all that wallpaper was a crime, and second of all how did they make such a beautiful open floor plan?

YES to this kitchen.

Sometimes rearranging the house makes all the difference. It took this space from "please no" to "OMG YES."

Some people would have just torn this old house down.

But with a little vision you end up with an absolutely spectacular home. It's truly a farmhouse that has been taken to a new level.

A quick fireplace makeover...

Or maybe not so quick: this fireplace got a new life! Not only that it transformed the entire space around it, going from a living room to a great room.

Those trees were hiding something amazing...

This gorgeous house! The color contrast truly makes this makeover pop, when the old house just sank into the trees.

This is another jaw-dropper.

The space is completely transformed, from a cramped and outdated kitchen to a glorious space with a huge island. Can I cook here?

This house was in BAD shape.

But a fresh coat of paint (plus a complete overhaul) made it into a luxury mansion. Look at that balcony!!

Who made this dark and ugly kitchen?

Whoever they are, they're lucky someone else came in and transformed the space into light, clean, and beautiful.

This is the outdoor space I want.

It's SO cute and so cleverly tucked into the stairs. This space was wasted until a clever mind saw it.

This entryway is a seriously impressive makeover.

That absolutely horrific yellow had to go, but this renovator took things so much further with the beautiful lighting and architectural feature.

Okay, what?

I would have been afraid to walk into the first bathroom, but I would happily spend hours in that luxury spa bath. It's gorgeous.

I never knew dining rooms could be so fancy.

I definitely didn't know they could go from an empty concrete room to this absolute royalty.

You KNOW we had to include a swimming pool.

Something about starting with a pile of dirt and ending with an oasis is absolutely mind-blowing.

I fully gasped at this transformation.

You can't even tell what room it is in the first picture, and then it becomes a whole, gorgeous, luxury house. Plus those blue cabinets are to die for.

How do you take blah and make it OMG?

This is how. Custom ceiling, feature mirror wall, and a breathtaking light fixture.

I think I rented a house with the before cabinets when I was in college.

Does that mean I get to have the "after" picture now? Because yes please.

There are two elements to this whoa.

The first is the overall transformation: the beautiful paint, the light feel, all of it. The second is the love that went into fixing up these hardwood floors.

Really good renovation builds in different textures and colors.

Even on the exterior of the house! This house went from being a beige behemoth to having all kinds of visual interest.

How is this real?

I swear, someone out there is buying property from all the grandmas and transforming it into high-end luxury houses, because that has to be what happened here.

This house was en route to the junk yard.

But all it took was removing one wall and reimagining the space, and it became a beautiful living/dining room and kitchen, with some of the coolest architectural features around.

Apparently this space was destined to be a bathroom.

A gigantic, beautiful bathroom the size of a small apartment.

Now here's a true luxury house.

It looks like it should have a horse-drawn carriage to go with it.

Bad wallpaper is a theme in these before pictures.

And beautiful tile backsplashes feature heavily in our after. Also look at that gorgeous beam.

Sure, this space started with the dramatic height and built in bookshelves.

But the color and the bold fireplace completely changed it into a gorgeous modern masterpiece.

Some of the coolest transformations come from high-end but outdated spaces.

Like this amazing update, which took a grand dining space and brought it into the current decade.

Ooh who picked the colors in this before?

Because honestly it's not a good look. But that sleek and shiny after? That can stay.

Sometimes a real luxury transformation goes down to the studs.

Which makes sense when you're starting with a dark and cramped space, and going to this massive kitchen with a seriously impressive island.

So maybe this one started out pretty nice...

But it ended up gorgeous. That beautiful blue pop of color takes this kitchen from generic to glorious.