24 Incredible Family Photos Taken by the World's Most Creative Mom | 22 Words

Being a mom is tough.

Between packing lunches, screaming toddlers, and way too many bodily fluids, it can seem like there is never a moment of peace.

But mom blogger Dominique Davis makes motherhood look easy.

The mom blogger is gaining fame for her adorable, and actually pretty simple, photos of her family.

Fair warning: you're going to be obsessed.

Dominique Davis is a mom with style.

The blogger, Instagram coach, and mom of two takes adorable matching photos of her family that she shares online.

The idea all started when she noticed that her and her two daughters, Penny and Amelia, all accidentally wore the same outfit one morning.

She posted a photo of the wardrobe mishap online and people liked it so much, she started posting more photos of her and her daughters dressed alike.

She captions the photos with the hashtag #allthatisthree.

The three girls pose in matching outfits and hairstyles and stand in a line by height.

Their matching outfits range from cute casual, to full-on costumes.

They use inspiration from what the girls are doing to choose their latest photoshoot. This 60s-inspired outfit sprang from Penny's love of the Beatles.

Sometimes they use props.

Like this cute pumpkin photoshoot, where Dominique says the pumpkins "imitate their owners"

But sometimes things are little more laid-back.

Like this cozy in-bed scene.

Her girls seem to be up for anything!

Even posing with fake pirate beards.

Sometimes Dominique's partner even gets in on the action.

So. cute.

If this family isn't #goals, I don't know what is.

I've never even said #goals before. I must have been reserving it for this very moment.

Truly the cutest.

Hold onto your ovaries, seriously.

But the family doesn't just do #allthatisthree photos, they do other adorable photoshoots, too.

Could this picnic scene be any more idyllic?! Having serious croissant-envy over here.

Some of Dominique posts are dreamy, unrealistic images.

Like this photo of wine that pours itself. (The first thing I'd ask to learn at Hogwarts, tbh).

Others are images that feel a little more real.

Very, very relatable content.

And some are just funny.

This family is just the cutest family ever in the history of families.


Dominique even has her own website where she writes about beauty, lifestyle, how to use Instagram well, and more. You can read it here.

Here are some more photos of the Davis family, because you know you want to look at them.

Here they are in adorable 80s workout outfits.

Here they are as Mary Poppins.

Look at that little squish face!

Here they are in flower crowns.


Here they having chicken pox.

They even make infectious diseases look cute!

Here they are as swimmers.

Keep in formation, ladies!

They even have the world's cutest pets.

A bunny and a whippet who are friends?! And can ride a bike? (Ok, this one is photoshopped, that dog cannot actually ride a bike, they may be perfect but not that perfect.)

Dominique also makes fun, whimsical scenes from fabric.

Totally cute.

And builds cool scenes for her kids.

Blast off!

But she doesn't pretend like the whole thing is easy.

Even if sometimes she makes it look that way!

Would your family take cute photos like this?

Share with your mom or sisters if you'd love to do a matching photoshoot just like Dominique and her girls!