These 19 Bizarre Foods Are Totally From the Future

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The future of food is super exciting…and also a little creepy.

There’s no knowing exactly where our culinary senses will take us, but between Instagram food fads and lab-grown experiments and cheese that we are melting over everything, I’d say the future of food looks pretty cool.

Pretty soon, we’ll all be living in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, only the reality will be way cooler than the Disney Channel Original Movie.

Zetus lapetus! The futuristic foods below prove that not only are we living in the future, but we’re also eating in the future too! Careful… By the end of this list, you’ll be super hungry.

3D-printed noms

This right here is a hummus castle that was 3D-printed and filled with chickpeas. You can bet that fun 3D-printed food will start popping up everywhere and make you feel like a little kid again!

Meat straw

via Reddit

Plastic straws are out. They’re bad for the environment. The responsible thing to do is use a reusable straw…or one made out of meat, like this bad boy.

Clear coffee

It’s real, caffeinated coffee made with coffee beans, only without all the teeth-staining gross stuff. The coffee of the future? You’re looking at it.


Look, people all over the world have been easing bugs since the beginning of time, and it’s high time the rest of us got on board. They’re an excellent source of protein and don’t require a lot of land and energy to produce. It’s the food of the future, peeps. Get on board. The next one involves some clever packaging…

Tennis ball apples

via Reddit

These apples are sold in tubes like tennis balls! How genius is that? Now your apples won’t roll around willy-nilly all over your refrigerator or fruit basket.

Meatless burgers

The days of the dry, stale veggie burger are over. There are meatless burgers these days that taste like meat, feel like meat, and bleed like meat, but are made of plant proteins.

Shaped fruit

Yes, these are heart- and cube-shaped watermelons, and yes, they grow that way. Designer fruit is here! It’s weird! Get used to it!

Yogurt pearls

There’s a huge emphasis these days on portability when it comes to food, and these frozen yogurt pearls seem to have figured it out. It’s sort of like mochi, and it’s delicious, and you should try it.


You’ve probably seen videos just like this of melty bubbly cheese being scraped onto burgers, sandwiches, potatoes, vegetables, etc. The raclette movement might be one of the greatest food fads in history. The next one is definitely a fad and an expensive one at that…

Edible gold

You’ve probably seen fancy chocolate flecked with gold specks, but these chicken wings take the edible gold trend to the next level. I know what you’re thinking, and no, I don’t have confirmation about what edible gold looks like when it’s coming out the other end.

How much exercise

via Reddit

These brilliant snacks explain on the back of the wrapper how much exercise would be required to burn off its calories. You can then decide if it’s worth it or not. (Hint: It’s almost always worth it.)

Printed latté art

Do you want to drink your own face? Of course, you do! An increasing number of cafés around the world can now print any photo straight onto your coffee. Do it for the Insta!

Edible water bottles

Scientists are always trying to find ways to reduce our plastic waste, and these little water pods, which are totally edible, do just that! They’re made out of algae and are way more environmentally friendly than the traditional plastic bottle.

Brilliant packaging

via Reddit

This isn’t just any ordinary seaweed snack. This is a genius seaweed snack, and that’s because its bag has a second tear notch toward the bottom of the bag for easy access to crumbs. I know. Too good. The next one might seem off-putting at first.

Charcoal everything

Sure, this charcoal ice cream cone may make you look like you’re in a black and white movie, but it tastes pretty good. Charcoal is good for digestive purposes, and it’s finding its way into many of the most trendy foods.

Mesh over lemon

via Reddit

A simple trick, but brilliant nonetheless. This restaurant provides mesh-wrapped lemons so when you squeeze them, the seeds don’t end up in your food!

Glass potato chips

Yes, this is an actual potato chip. It’s made from potato stock and potato starch, which gives it its clear, glass-like quality. Pair these with clear coffee, and you’ve got yourself an entirely clear meal.

Lab-grown meat

Producing meat is really hard on our land, and our natural resources are limited. But now, scientists have grown meat — actual meat — in a lab. Is this the future of your burger?

Cookie sayings

via Reddit

Hey look, this cookie is warning you about the President of the United States! How neat! Share this with your favorite foodie friend!