On Sunday, we heard about the sudden death of Tanya Roberts, but in what can only be described as a miracle, it has been announced that she is actually alive.

Read on to find out how her long-term partner reacted when he found out she was alive after strongly believing she was dead...

Yesterday, shocking false reports came in that former Bond girl Tanya Roberts had died...

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And as her long-term partner was going through the grieving process, he received a shocking phone call a day later announcing that Tanya was, in fact, alive.

And amazingly so, Inside Edition managed to catch it all on camera!

The entire ordeal occurred during an interview with the outlet. Keep scrolling to see the full video...

Of course, the shocking initial news of Tanya's passing devastated fans...

And tributes immediately came pouring in.

It's obvious that the star has clearly made her mark on fans throughout the years.

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Back in her heyday, Tanya rose to fame as a model, gaining success from posing for the likes of Playboy as well as Clairol and Cool Ray sunglasses commercials.

Of course, many will recognize her as the former Bond girl Stacey Sutton opposite Roger Moore in A View to a Kill.

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Tanya also had a year-long stint on the old Charlie's Angels show, in which she starred as Julie Rogers, who helped the Angels solve crimes.

Though, she might best remembered as Donna Pinciotti's mom, Midge, on That '70s Show.

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It is reported that Tanya went on to leave her TV family and the show to deal with her then-husband's real-life illness.

So of course, the news of Tanya's "death" yesterday shook her fans...

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And according to TMZ, her rep said that in the days leading up to her passing, she appeared to be "perfectly healthy" and was even doing video chats for fans.

On Christmas Eve, the star took her dogs for a walk...

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And upon returning home, TMZ reported that she collapsed.

Tanya was then taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator...

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And it was at this moment when the false reports of her death started to circulate in the media.

But in a shocking turn of events today, it has been announced that Tanya is actually alive.

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During an interview with her long-term boyfriend, Lance O'Brien, Inside Edition captured the overwhelming moment that he got the phone call from the hospital.

He excused himself to take it...

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"Now you're telling me that-that she's alive?" He said, holding the phone to his ear. "Oh thank the Lord, thank God."

The news also deeply shocked fans...

Ashton Kutcher definitely had some fun breaking the news to his co-stars too...


In the interview, Lance explained that Tanya did not have COVID-19...

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But due to the restrictions in place at the hospital, he was only allowed to see her in what he believed would be her final moments.

But upon hearing that his girlfriend was in fact alive, Lance broke down on camera.

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He apologized for crying, but if anyone were to receive such overwhelming news, I'm sure they would have a very similar reaction.

TMZ also reported why it was initially thought that the actress had died.

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They said: "Lance O'Brien mistakenly thought Roberts had died. Roberts' rep, Mike Pingel, clarified: 'Her domestic partner, Lance, was at the hospital Sunday when he saw Tanya's eyes close.'" Very awkward.

But we're just glad that she's still alive!

Here's the full video of the shocking call.

We wish her a speedy recovery and hope she's reunited with her boyfriend soon.

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