Paying parking fines are a nightmare. We've all been there - you were only parked in your spot for five minutes, you were just running into the store to use the restroom, your kids were giving you an ear full so you didn't even notice that you weren't supposed to park in that spot... and you're hit with a fine. Where does the money go anyway? Whose well-greased pockets do your hard earn dimes go into?

Well, the people of Indiana's parking fines don't have to go to "The Man" anymore - their money will go towards helping to feed abandoned kitties if they want it to!

I sure wouldn't mind paying a parking fine half as much if I knew that it was going to fill the belly of a poor defenseless cat that had been left on the side of the road.

This might be the cutest story you read today. Here's what's going on and how it's all going to work...

So where's this cat food going to?

via: Facebook/ Muncie Animal Care

When cats are abandoned, if they're lucky, they'll be found by an organization like the Muncie Animal Care Shelter, that runs out in Indiana.

Muncie Animal Care & Service is a government-run shelter.

via: Facebook/ Muncie Animal Care

Funding is low for projects like this and, with the rate of abandoned pets on the rise, the good people at Muncie Animal Care came up with an idea to keep their hungry cats from starving before they had a chance to be adopted.

Asking people to donate sometimes isn't enough...

The team at Muncie Animal Care do as much as they can with their limited budget to give cats the support that they need, but it's not easy.

Social media has been a blessing to Muncie Animal Services.

The dawn of social media has meant that Muncie is able to make their pleas heard far and wide. It's all good and well putting a poster outside of the shelter reading "volunteers wanted," but being able to connect with people online to seek out volunteers is a much more effective and efficient process.

Social media has also helped lost dogs and cats find their way home.

These adorable huskies were lost as a pair and were found running around the block before being taken to Muncie. We don't know how these guys' stories ended, but we're sure that they're back home, safe and sound. Dogs aren’t just for Christmas, people!

Not only did this pup get lost, but she might be pregnant too!

Kitted out in a diamonte pink collar and a t-shirt(?) with "I woke up like this" emblazoned on it, this potentially-preggers pooch was far from home.

A happy ending?

Luckily, through the mystic powers of social media, this potentially-pregnant pooch's owner was contacted and the family were reunited. Aw yeah, I sure like a happy ever after.

The team at Muncie also uses social media to warn and educate pet owners.

They inform pet-owners about dangers such as locking your dog in a hot car and feeding your pet cocoa-based products - some breeds are severely allergic.

Does anyone want to adopt a kitty cat?

If you are looking to adopt a cat and you live in, or near, Indiana, the good guys at Muncie have plenty of cats that are looking to be adopted. This house-fire kitty was adopted thanks to the team at Muncie. She's ready to put her past behind her with a loving family, which was found via Twitter.

Meet Boo...

Boo is possibly the cutest cat that I saw on Muncie's page. At ten-years-old, this fat cat who has lost most of his teeth has stolen my heart.

I don't like getting my photo taken either, Boo!

The Muncie team admitted that Boo isn't the most photogenic of cats, but they still had faith that they'd be able to find him a forever-home. I want to take him home. Look at those stern, wise eyes in the last pic.

Boo was fostered!

I don't know whether to be elated for Boo or sad that he's been taken from me forever. I guess I'm just glad that he's happy. The wonders of social media, eh? Ten-year-old, toothless, boo was fostered by a loving family from Indiana after they saw his cute chunky face on their Twitter feed.

So what happened with the parking ticket/cat food switcheroo?

via: Facebook/ Muncie Animal Care

When Muncie Animal Shelter found that they were facing a severe shortage of cat food, they did what they do best...

The Muncie team took to social media to source supplies.

On July 5th, the Muncie team tweeted that they were down to their last three bags of cat food. With three-hundred cats to feed, things were in dire straits.

Three days later, the police department came for a visit.

The police officers spent the afternoon receiving cuddles from the cats and kittens at Muncie. The cats must have made quite the impression on the officers because of what happened next...

Calling out to the people of Muncie, Indiana...

The Muncie police department announced on Twitter that they had decided to waver parking fines until the July 19th if finers would instead donate cat food to the Muncie Animal Care Shelter.

Word spread quickly and the cat food flooded in!

According to the Muncie police department, some of the people that donated didn't even have a parking fine! I guess most people don't need a parking ticket fine to want to help out a bunch of cute kitty cats.

Could you say no to this angel baby?

via: Facebook/Muncie Animal Care

The cats at Muncie Animal Shelter are going to be well-fed for a little while now, but they are still in need of other supplies.

Got an hour to spare in the Indiana area?

With so many cats and dogs to look after, the staff at Muncie Animal Shelter could really do with a helping hand. Volunteering at a cat shelter is a win-win. Not only do you get to hang out with a bunch of feline friends, but you're doing a good thing. It's always good to get your karma in check, eh?

It's worth visiting Muncie's shelter to check out their cat barn...

via: Facebook/ Muncie Animal Care

The shelter is home to quite a few barn cats and they have a barn infrastructure for the cats to roam through. These barn cats are all spayed/neutered and come with no adoption fee.