'Indiana Jones' Fans Outraged After 'Snowflake' TV Bosses Cut Face-Melting Scene in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' | 22 Words

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a total cinematic classic. So when it aired without a very famous (and very graphic) scene this week, fans were not happy at all.

Read on to find out what happened...

For many, there's one film franchise that rules them all...

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And that's Indiana Jones. But the man behind it all?

Harrison Ford, of course!


He's been there from the start of the films, and we want him there until the end.

Ford's first appearance as Indy was in the 1981 debut, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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He was just thirty-eight-years-old at the time.

Ford has since returned to the role 3 more times for Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and, most recently, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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He has won many awards for his work, including the first-ever Hero Award at the 2007 Scream Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

That is, of course, additional to his many BAFTAs and Golden Globes...

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And Indiana Jones has a legion of loyal fans.

The movies make for a great rewatch...

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But fans this week noticed a big problem.

There's one truly iconic scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark...

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We all know the one.

Earlier this week, the U.K's Channel 4 broadcast the movie...

But they decided to cut out that certain iconic scene.

And fans were not happy...

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Meaning many took to Twitter to air the grievances with the edit.

The scene that was cut from the movie was the iconic "face-melting" scene.

Although it's horribly gruesome, it's a timeless moment for many Indiana Jones fans!

It is assumed that the British broadcaster removed the scene due to the time in which it was shown on TV...

But was it really necessary? Or do you think it was appropriate? For more, read on to check out the movie starring Amber Heard that has just been released on Netflix...