Inexpensive, Simple Crafts to Do With Your Kids This Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And do you know what that means? It means that you have SO MUCH to do!

You have to bake cookies, buy presents, hang stockings, decorate the tree, and prepare for guests — all while trying to preserve the magic of the holiday for your kids. Oh, also, they’re on Christmas break and are probably driving you crazy. But, don’t worry. We can help with that!

We’ve gathered a bunch of fun, Christmas-y crafts that you can make with kids of all ages. You can even use them to decorate your home! It’s a win-win-win situation, here, and isn’t that what Christmas is really about?

So, grab some pipe cleaners and cotton balls, pull your favorite holiday tunes up on Spotify, and let’s get to crafting!

1. Ribbon Christmas Tree

All you need for this craft is some scrap pieces of ribbon and a stick! That’s it. If you don’t have ribbon, you could also use pieces of felt or another fabric.

2. Footprint Reindeer

There is something so adorable about craft projects that require foot and/or handprints. Not only are they super fun to make; they’re also fun to look back on in future years when your kids have massive, smelly teenager feet.

3. Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

A popsicle stick, some cupcake liners, and stuff to glue on for the ornaments. That’s all you need! Turn the tree into an ornament or stick it into a block of styrofoam if you want it to stand up. Or make a series of popsicle stick puppets and put on a show!

4. Yarn-Wrapped Ornaments

This craft would work best with slightly older kids. To make, you form the outline of a shape with pins stuck into a piece of foam, then have your kids wind a piece of string dipped in glue around the pins. Let them dry, take them off the pins, and voila!

5. Paper Plate Ornaments

Have your kids decorate paper plates (either full-size or smaller ones) with stickers, pompoms, pieces of tissue paper, glitter, or whatever other festive things you have around the house. Add a ribbon loop and hang them on your tree!

6. Paper Plate Christmas Tree

While you’re doing stuff with paper plates, why not create a Christmas tree, too? Cut a triangle out of the plate and roll it into a cone, securing it with a bit of hot glue or staples. Paint and decorate! You could create an entire forest for your mantel!

7. TP Roll Reindeer

Every crafty parent knows the importance of saving toilet paper rolls. This one was made into a reindeer with a couple googly eyes, a pompom nose, and two hands traced and cut out of construction paper.

8. Fingerprint Christmas Tree

Tape a Christmas tree shape onto a piece of paper, then have your kiddo decorate the whole paper with paint fingerprints. Remove the Christmas tree, and ta-da! It’s art!

9. Snowman Ornament

These clear, fillable ornaments can be found at most craft stores or even the dollar store. Fill them with cotton balls, then glue eyes, a nose, and a mouth onto them to create Frosty’s face. You can even add a felt scarf!

10. Pipe Cleaner Candy Cane

This is probably the easiest craft on the list. Thread some beads onto a pipe cleaner, then bend it into a candy cane shape. Easy peasy.

11. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

You can easily create a snowflake by gluing three popsicle sticks together as shown above. Then, simply decorate with confetti, glitter, stickers, or whatever else you have in your craft supplies.

12. Popsicle Stick Sleds

Here’s another great popsicle stick craft! These would make great ornaments for your tree (or for the grandparents)!

13. Santa’s Beard Countdown Calendar

I love a good countdown calendar. This one is extra fun because it’s in the shape of Santa’s beard! Your kids can have fun removing paper links every day leading up to Christmas.

14. Cupcake Liner Angels

These little angels are super cute and very easy to make. Wouldn’t they be great as a garland? Just glue a bunch of them to a length of ribbon!

15. Whirly Tree

This twirly whirly tree was made from a paper plate cut in a spiral shape. After the spiral is cut, add some cardstock ornaments to the “branches” and hang the whole thing up in a place of honor.

16. TP Tube Characters

You can use those TP tubes for more than just reindeer! With some paint, construction paper, and a little bit of imagination, you can create Santa, a snowman, elves, and other holiday characters.

17. Clothespin Reindeer

This is another great craft that can be completed in record time. Paint (or use markers to color) the clothespins, then glue on the eyes and nose!

18. Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Depending on your kids’ skill level, you can either draw the “cord” or let them do it themselves. Then, give them a few different colors of paint and let them add the lights!

19. TP Tube Painting

Do you still have more toilet paper tubes? Dip the ends into a paint color to create a Christmas tree like this one. Then add fingerprint lights! (Or you can use stickers.)

20. Yarn Stars

Cut out stars (or other shapes) from thin cardboard (like a cereal box). Then have your kids wind yarn around the points of the star. Use variegated yarn for a fun color-changing effect.

21. Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments have been around for a while, but they never go out of style — especially if they feature your little one’s handprint! Add some paint and glitter to really take them to the next level.

22. Snow Globe Ornament

OK, this is almost too adorable. Cut a picture of your kiddo out and glue it so it’s standing up on a piece of cardstock. Add some cotton balls, glitter, and other decoration to a plastic cup, then glue it over the photo to create a snowglobe!

23. Handprint Wreath

This craft is especially great if your kids are old enough to do their own cutting out! Just trace a bunch of handprints onto green construction paper, cut them out, and assemble them into a ring!

24. Tape Resist Snowflake

Place tape on a canvas in a snowflake shape (or in another shape of your choosing), then let your little ones go to town with the paint. After the paint is dry, carefully remove the tape and marvel at the design left behind.

25. Fake Snow!

If you live in a place that doesn’t get snow (or you just don’t feel like going through the 30-minute process of getting everyone bundled up), you can make your own snow using baking soda and hair conditioner. It actually feels cold and can even be molded!

26. Snow Puff Paint

You can also create “snow paint” using shaving cream and school glue (and lots of glitter). When it dries, it stays puffy!

27. Snow Spray

Don’t just paint with snow — paint the actual snow! All you need is some Kool-Aid powder and some spray bottles (readily available at the dollar store).

28. Snow Slime

Slime is still a thing that kids like, right? This puffy snow slime is winter magic!

29. Melted Snowman Cookies

The best crafts are ones you can eat. These melted snowman cookies are sugar cookies with a few extra goodies to create the snowman.

30. Snowflake Lacing Cards

Punch some holes in a paper plate and let your kids use yarn to create the snowflake design! You could also do a Christmas tree. Share this with someone who loves doing crafts with their kids!