Infamous Serial Killer The Yorkshire Ripper Has Died | 22 Words

Peter Sutcliffe, otherwise known as The Yorkshire Ripper has died. The killer has left behind a disturbing part of history that no one is going to ever forget...

And we don't think any tears will be shed today.

Now, the Yorkshire Ripper paralyzed a nation.

Born June 2, 1946, in Bradford, UK, The Yorkshire Ripper, also known by his full name, Peter Sutcliffe, is one of the nation's most notorious serial killers.

Between 1975-1980, thirteen murders of innocent women took place around the area.

Most of his victims came from different areas of West Yorkshire such as Leeds and Bradford, but 2 of them stretched further, reaching as far as Manchester.

But why did it take so long to catch such a dangerous murderer?

Sutcliffe grew up in a pretty normal household. His father, John Sutcliffe, was a mill owner and his mother Kathleen was a stay-at-home mother, who the killer was very attached to.

As most sociopaths are, he was known as a "loner."

In school, Sutcliffe didn't have any friends, and his grades were also pretty poor.

So it's no wonder that he dropped out at fifteen.

Instead, he started spending more time visiting museums and that's where his obsession with wax figures started.

And slowly, it started warping into something very alarming.

He became fascinated by specimens that showed the disturbing effect of venereal disease (AKA sexually transmitted diseases) on the body.

It gets even weirder when you find out that he worked as a gravedigger.

During this time in his life, he was known to steal things from the dead bodies and this is where officials would later determine his necrophilic habits stemmed from.

Sutcliffe also told police after he was caught that he heard the "voice of God" from graves.

They told him to "rid the world of harlots" and this is what sparked his first attempt to murder in 1969.

But thankfully, the two women managed to escape.

Sutcliffe created a homemade weapon - a sock stuffed with bricks, in order to bludgeon his victims to death. However, he was unsuccessful.

But 6 years later, he would try again and this time, he managed to kill.

On Oct 30, 1975, he used a hammer to bludgeon his victim to death and then mutilated the body.

This disturbing massacre continued for the next 5 years.

All his victims were women between the ages of sixteen and forty-seven, most of them being prostitutes, while some were just women walking home alone at night.

One of the women was even murdered inside her own apartment.

Sutcliffe would use the same method to kill all of his victims and then would commit horrific acts on the bodies after they were dead. Then he would just leave the evidence for the police to find. In one particular case, he even re-visited the murder site a week later to continue to mutilate the body of a victim.

He later became known to the nation as The Yorkshire Ripper...

And the weirdest part was that it was normal to him; he was a devoted and loving husband by day and a brutal murderer by night.

After authorities realized that it was one person committing all these heinous crimes, a manhunt was underway.

It involved interviewing over 250,000 people and searching 20,000 houses but with no luck.

But in June, the police were sidetracked when they received a hoax tape...

Someone claiming to be the man they were looking for sent in letters and a hoax tape. Evidence suggests that Sutcliffe had no relation to this incident but it worked in his favor as he was dismissed for not having the same accent as the man on the tape.

The final murder took place in 1980.

Altogether, there were at least thirteen victims and a further 8 attempted murders that had spanned over a 5-year period. Women were so deathly afraid of joining the list that they lived in fear and stayed indoors.

Thankfully, Sutcliffe was arrested in 1981.

But for a patrol offense for displaying false number plates on his Rover car. He also had a prostitute in the car with him at the time of his arrest.

While at the station, he asked if he could go and urinate, but instead he was doing something else...

The police officers followed him to the bush in which he claimed to go about his business and instead, found a hammer and a chisel which the killer was attempting to hide.

Sutcliffe confessed...

And a few months later, was found guilty to all of his crimes. He was sentenced to no less than 30 years in prison.

And he has been there ever since.

He spent 3 decades at Broadmoor Hospital before being moved to HMP Frankland in County Durham in 2016 where he caught coronavirus and has now died at the age of seventy-four.

RIP to all the victims that had to suffer at the hands of this despicable man.

And we also hope the families of the victims find some sort of closure now that he's dead.