2 influencers have come under fire after viral footage has shown the moment they pranked people with a painted face mask.

Here's the full story...

Now, wearing facemasks has been a point of debate for over a year...


Because, sadly, a staggering number of people still protest against wearing them in public spaces.

More and more people have been joining the anti-mask movement...

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With many arguing that being made to wear a face mask during the global pandemic is "against their human rights."

Studies have shown there could be genuine psychological reasons as to why some people don't want to wear a face covering.


"When faced with uncertain situations over which we have no control, we tend to exercise it wherever we can, so we feel safe," one expert said, according to HuffPost. "Some will feel safer exercising their control over not wearing a mask, while others will feel safer exercising their control to wear one."

Other experts blame mixed messages from those in power which, we must say, explains a lot.

"The mixed messages we’ve all received are probably the main culprit for non-mask wearing. Inconsistent recommendations, along with historic polarization of political parties, magnify a common mistrust of government mandates."

But, whatever the reasons, masks have become an extremely polarizing topic...


With "anti-mask" protests continuing to take place all around the world.

But, with the growth of anti-maskers, there have been cases where some people just don't understand the implications of not wearing a mask...


A recent video shows an influencer in Bali who has since had her passport seized over a "prank."

Josh Paler Lin and Leia Se created the video at a store in Bali, where Leia attempted to trick onlookers that she was wearing a mask...

The influencer had painted her face to make it appear as if she was wearing a blue disposable face mask, but the stunt was slammed online with viewers calling them "morons."

People are shocked by their stupidity...


After the video went viral, it was confirmed the pair had their passports seized. Authorities even considered deportation...

Josh is a Taiwanese national, while Leia is a Russian national.

Putu Surya Dharma, a spokesperson from the regional office for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, said officers would be questioning the influencers...


Per Coconuts Bali, he commented: "After that, they will be examined together with Immigration to take the decision on whether or not to deport them."

Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadi, the head of Bali Civil Service Police, said the agency planned to deport the pair after their actions...


He commented: "They are not only violating, but deliberately provoking in public, so it's only proper to sanction them more severely, not just with a fine but also deportation."

Foreign nationals are ordered to pay IDR1 million (US$68.76) the first time they are caught without masks, the second time is deportation.

The 2 influencers have since released an apology video.

Josh commented: "I did not realize that what I did could… raise a lot of concerns. Once again we want to apologize for what we did and we promise not to do it again."

The influencer went on to encourage those in Indonesia and Bali to "always wear a mask for our own safety and health [and] so we can help Bali to gain its tourism again."

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