Influencer Blasted for Pretending to Help a Shopkeeper After a Looting Before Taking a Photo and Driving Away | 22 Words

Sometimes we forget that everything on the internet isn't what it seems. just because the rise of the Instagram influencer has us believing they are living "better lives" (which is debatable anyway) they are in no way better people. And even during this difficult time for the States, they have come out in their numbers to just prove, once again, they are so out of touch with reality.

Keep scrolling to see a disgusting video of an influencer "pretending" to do some "activism" for the sake of Instagram... It's a horrible incident to watch.

Whether you like it or not, Instagram influencers are now a big part of the social media landscape.

With their lavish lifestyles, jealousy-inducing getaways, and seemingly "perfect" lives, those rising in the ranks of Instagram stardom truly are making the big bucks.

And who can blame them?

We doubt many people would turn down the chance to earn a living from posting on Instagram.

But we all know that what we see online isn't always the reality.

The perfectly crafted, edited snap you're comparing yourself to? Or the luxury sponsored getaway you'd never be able to afford? It may all seem great on the surface, but we all know that influencers (or anyone, really) only showcase the highlights on their profiles.

The bad stuff often gets left out.

Many stars have come out and admitted that what you see online is far from reality and that influencers are real people with real problems, just like anyone else. And for some, enough is enough... Read on to see what one man did after he reached a boiling point.

For many online stars, there's a pressure to keep going.

After all, with potentially millions of fans to please, it must be hard to press pause on portraying a polished "life..."

...Even during a pandemic and serious civil unrest.

Given the current climate of the world, you would think that influencers would crawl back into their shells or at least do their best to raise awareness about issues from the Black Lives Matter movement to mental health.

But no, the influencers are back doing what they do best.

Pretending they are "living their best lives," as the world continues to hurt. There are people out there that are genuinely using the current protests to keep up this pretense that they are the great people they claim to be.

And we're totally not here for it.

One influencer known as "Facts with Fiona", who also works as an intern journalist for the Washington Examiner, decided she would take part in these protests, but only so she could post about it on her social media platforms. Ironically, she's had to delete them all because of the disgusting stunt she pulled.

And what makes it worse is that she knew she got caught faking, but continued to do it anyway.

The shamelessness of her actions was distressing for a lot of people who watched the video online. Keep scrolling so you can see it for yourself...

In the clip that was recorded by a bystander, she was holding a power tool...

via: Twitter

That's right, this girl even used props while her boyfriend snapped a couple of quick photographs as evidence of her "good nature."

After posing with the hand drill, she gives it back to him immediately.

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“Thank you so much," she says, before running to her black Mercedes Benz parked up outside the damaged store. People called out to her alleged boyfriend, asking what he was doing taking photos.

What was he expecting? A "Boyfriend Of The Year" award?

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Oh, please! The video shows his eyes darting left to right once he notices that their publicity stunt is being filmed from the sidewalk.

As the doors of their getaway vehicle close, you can hear the person filming say:

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"Great job guys! Black Lives Matter!" In order to mock their photoshoot.

Many buildings were damaged in Santa Monica by people who did not understand what "peaceful protest" meant.

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AKA people that came with bad intentions and the police who fired rubber bullets and sprayed tear gas everywhere.

But this stunt just has to be the cherry on top of the cake.

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Because she was wearing a mask, people didn't know who she was at first, but as the video went viral, her name (Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin) and her job title (intern at Washington Examiner, for those of you that didn't catch it before) were dug up by some very good Twitter users.

And within 24 hours of the video being posted, it was viewed over 25 million times.

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Even celebrities such as Pink had seen the video and commented saying: "What is wrong with these entitled a**holes?! Who the f*** are you and who are your parents you horrible person. How can anyone defend this???!!!"

And other Twitter users didn't let her get off easy either...

Instagram is filled with these kinds of people who just love pretending to be someone they are not, but why, why does it seep into important social issues like this BLM movement?

How can people be so selfish?

This user described them as "horrible people."

Others had a theory that she was doing this because "she's a journalist" and "trying to prove a point."

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But if this was true, then why have the Washington Examiner fired her? That's right, on Tuesday evening, it was reported by someone who works at New York Magazine.

Here's the full video so you can see the disgusting behavior for yourself:

Absolutely horrible. If you're in the mood to see more justice brought to another influencer who thought they could request free stuff, then keep scrolling...