Influencer ‘Cries Happy Tears’ After Mowing the Lawn by Herself for the First Time

We’re all proud of something we’ve done, right? No matter how big or small it is, we are proud. And It’s because the smaller things in life are the things that really matter.

Well, this influencer has had one of those moments, crying happy tears after mowing the lawn by herself for the first time ever!

An Australian influencer felt more than empowered after she did something she hadn’t done before.

And no matter how big or small it may be for some, it was big for Olivia Mathers.

In an Instagram Story, she wrote: “I’ve had tears through this process, happy tears because I’m just so f*****g proud of myself. It’s so easy to be faced with an unknown/ new situation and say I can’t,” alongside a picture of her newly mowed lawn. And honestly, I’m here for it.

Oh, and, she also thanked her mom for being the best role model she could be, too cute.

But, there’s always a few that just can’t let someone have their moment, right?

As per Lad Bible, an account called Celeb Spell Check, which is a private account (figures) decided to hate on Mathers for her new achievement of “just” mowing the lawn.

And many other people agreed with them.

“I thought from reading that caption that she bought a house which is no easy feat to do but yeah good for her for mowing the lawn,” one person chirped in.

But, let’s not forget just how tough these past couple of years have been for us.

Every single person in the world has been affected by a tragic pandemic. And, it’s taken a lot out of us all. So, when people are truly struggling, and they manage to do something they haven’t done before, that should be celebrated, not hated, right?

“My advice and something I am only just learning is, give yourself more credit and challenge yourself to create results you want in life, in every aspect.”

“It’s damn f****** empowering.”

You bet it is!