Influencer ‘Humiliated’ After Being Denied Entry to Party Bus Because of Her Weight

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An influencer was left angry and hurt after she was denied entry to a party bus because of her weight.

Fallon Melillo, a plus-size influencer and body positivity advocate was told she would not be allowed into the party with her friends purely because she was a “bigger girl.” Speaking of the incident on TikTok, she recalled the incident to thousands of her fans.

In the clip, Fallon explained that while she and her friends were in Miami, they decided they wanted to visit Daer day club for a pool party so they purchased tickets for a party bus that was supposed to transport them there through a third-party website. Little did they know that there were “strict” conditions that came with their $40 tickets.

According to the influencer, the night before the pool party, she decided to read the company’s Eventbrite listing and noticed she saw a disclaimer that stated “no big girls” were allowed.

It said: “Sorry, no big girls for this party! The doorman is very strict on appearance. If you have had problems getting into exclusive clubs before, then this is not for you!

“Please don’t waste your time nor ours thinking that we can get you inside if you do not meet the qualifications.”

Fallen added that the promoter that they had booked the tickets through had not once mentioned these conditions so they rang the nightclub and enquired about the rule, to which they stated that there was no such thing for the club to deny entry based on people’s weight. That should have been the end of that, right? But no.

Once the twenty-seven-year-old and her friends arrived at the party bus, a male member of the team pulled one of their friends to the side and told her that Fallon wasn’t welcome on the premises.

Fallon told BuzzFeed that the experience was nothing short of humiliating.

“Being turned away in front of other people because of how I look and my size was absolutely humiliating. I was embarrassed and shocked, to say the least.”

She continued: “Even though I know I am beautiful on the inside and out, this moment made me feel helpless. This is what every plus-size person fears — being turned away from an event because of how we look.

“I am bigger than the average girl. They decided to tell us that we couldn’t get on the party bus, they did refund our money but it was very embarrassing to go there and them telling us we can’t go.”

She added: “I am confident. But at this moment I felt embarrassed being denied access and turned away at the door to get on a bus due to my size. The unrealistic body image in today’s society that people must attain is disgusting and damaging to young girls and women. The average size of a woman in society is a size sixteen.”

So far, no one has contacted Fallon to apologize or sort things out but someone apparently from the company that posted the AD left a comment “apologizing” to “everyone” for their “inappropriate language.”

We’re in 2021. That s*** don’t fly anymore. Fix up.