Daredevil Instagram Star Dies After Taking Photos at Waterfall

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An Instagram influencer has died while attempting to take photographs at a picturesque waterfall in Hong Kong.

Thirty-two-year-old Sofia Cheung was visiting the Tsing Day stream near the district of Yuen Long on Saturday when she slipped, plummeting to her death.

Sofia and 3 of her friends had set off the nature area of the Ha Oak Lai at around 11 am. Reportedly at around 5 pm, she was taking photos near the waterfall when she stumbled off the edge and fell sixteen feet into a pool below.

Her distressed friends immediately alerted the emergency services and first responders were quick to arrive on the scene. Sofia was rushed to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan in Hong Kong where she was tragically declared dead on arrival.

The area Sofia and her friends visited is particularly popular with hikers, especially during sunset.

Sofia Cheung had around 6,000 followers on Instagram and she regularly shared photos of herself exploring, including many risky photographs of her hanging from mountaintops and cliff edges.

When the news of her death broke, friends of Sofia rushed to social media to offer their condolences. One friend wrote: “I will miss your chat every day. I love you always. Rest in peace my pretty Sofia.”

However, Sofia isn’t the only unlucky soul to lose her footing while hiking in the area. Last December, a thirty-eight-year-old woman was out hiking through the Grampians National Park in Australia when she climbed over a safety railing to get photos at the Boroka Lookout. Authorities reported she fell around 260 feet to her death.

Australian Police Minister Lisa Neville used the tragedy to issue a warning to would-be hikers that safety features are there for a reason.

She said: “That is dangerous behavior, and yesterday should be a stark reminder that anyone who wants to do those extreme photos for social media, that it can kill you.

“No photo is worth a life.”

Over the last decade, the internet has challenged one another to take the most ‘dangerous’ selfie, with some reports declaring between 2011 and 2017, 259 people were killed worldwide in selfie-related incidents.

The reports included drowning, false fires, and automobile accidents were among the leading causes of death. However despite the risk, people still seemed intent on contributing to the risky daredevil selfie games.

Wu Yongning, twenty-six, died in November 2017 after falling from a sixty-two-story building in the city of Changsha, China.

And in January 2017, YouTuber and stuntman CassOnline posted a GoPro selfie video atop London’s Tower Bridge. He was detained and interviewed but not arrested, according to local media reports.

Rest in Peace, Sofia.