Influencer Highlights Her Mustache and Encourages Women to Ditch Filters To Show Off Their True Selves

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An influencer has highlighted her mustache in a bid to encourage women to ditch filters and instead show off their true selves.

With beauty standards always changing, Joanna Kenny is on a mission to normalize what makes us human, and that includes everything from pores to mustaches.

Kenny, who is an esthetician, spoke with Bright Side and she explained that people often have a “warped perspective of what skin should look” which creates “unobtainable skincare goals.”

“What’s becoming more frequent is people’s desire to achieve the same ‘poreless’ skin as their social media filter,” she said. “This warped perspective of what skin should look like creates unobtainable skincare goals and any real progress is overlooked. It’s my responsibility to manage their expectations and remind them they have pores and not flaws.”

Kenny places emphasis on the fact that we need to stop striving for what someone else thinks is beautiful.

Kenny recently went viral after she posted a selection of pictures highlighting her mustache.

Previously, she would use any product she could get her hands on to remove her facial hair, which eventually resulted in her acne getting much worse, but now she understands that “there are people who have a hormonal imbalance or have to take medication that makes their hair grow excessively.”

“And right now they can’t keep up with the societal pressure to remove or bleach every single hair to fit in. There are also people that can’t afford to have their hair removed professionally and DIY methods aggravate their skin.”

Speaking with Bright Side, she explained that by highlighting her mustache hair, she isn’t saying “hey, you SHOULD find this attractive.” Instead, she is using the photos to remind to women that “they don’t HAVE to remove their facial hair to be seen as feminine.”

“In 2021 a woman’s existence is still largely centered around how attractive men find them,” she said. “I want people to make choices about their bodies without fear of judgment.”

Alongside the pictures highlighting her mustache, Kenny wrote: “My existence isn’t about how beautiful you find me. The end.
.facial hair doesn’t make me dirty. facial hair doesn’t make me any less of a woman. embracing my facial hair doesn’t mean I don’t take care of myself. visible facial hair doesn’t automatically mean I have a hormonal imbalance or that my desire to normalise it here means that I want people that do to go untreated. facial and body hair can be hereditary. by choosing not to remove my facial hair does not mean I don’t agree with other people choosing to. The point is, we should all have the freedom to make choices for our own bodies without fear of judgment.”

Another way Kenny encourages people to embrace their true selves is by advising them to stop using filters when they don’t feel beautiful without them.

She finished by telling Bright Side: “I’m not sorry if visible facial hair makes people uncomfortable and I certainly don’t care if men find me less attractive. I do not make decisions about my body to please other people and no one should.” Yes, girl!