Influencer Grandma Baddie Winkle Now Sells Her Own Brand of Anti-Aging Boob Masks | 22 Words

Okay, so, this is actually way more wholesome than it sounds. If you haven't heard of grandma Baddie Winkle yet, then allow us to introduce you. Instagram has too many beauty influencers to count, but none of them are quite like Baddie!

With millions of followers, the internet sensation has definitely found her niche. She may be ninety years old, but style and beauty have no age. And in the wake of her success, Baddie Winkle has been branching out. She's actually got a whole line of cosmetics, and her latest product is interesting, to say the least! So keep reading and find out just what Baddie Winkle and her unorthodox anti-aging mask is all about!

Meet Baddie Winkle.

Or, to use her full name, Helen Ruth Van Winkle. She's been an internet sensation since 2014.

She's got a very particular style.

Baddie is all about flashy party garments, raver clothes, and things that, generally, people half her age would second-guess wearing.

But Baddie never does.

She knows what she's about, and she discovered her love of fashion at the age of eighty-five! You really never are too old to discover a new passion in life.

Wait 'till you hear her catchphrase.

Baddie's social media tagline? "Stealing Your Man Since 1928". It's become a popular saying with the young people that follow her account.

And she's got plenty of them.

As of this writing, Baddie's Instagram account boasts 3.8 million followers! It's no wonder, though; there's a lot to love.

She's got a great image.

Besides being fashion-forward and funny as heck, Baddie has always smartly handled her online persona and she's super inclusive!

Wondering how she got the name "Baddie Winkle"?

"I'm a bad b*tch; always been a rebel," she told NPR. "So we decided 'bad' — 'baddie'. And then my last name was van Winkle, so we put the Winkle on".

And our favorite rebel is also a great grandmother.

In fact, that's what got her started on Instagram: her relationship with great-granddaughter, Kennedy Lewis.

Before internet fame, she had a pretty normal life.

"I had a little 6-acre farm. I took care of it by myself for 15 years," she said. "I did everything that you're supposed to do: mowed, trimmed, had a little garden. I kept busy at all times".

She lived in Waco, KY at the time.

And one day, after Kennedy saw her wearing a tie-dye shirt and cut-off shorts, her great-granddaughter had a stroke of brilliance (and so did Baddie, really, with her choice of outfit).

Thus, her first-ever Instagram post was born.

"One day, I was laying out in the sun, and I put on some tie-dyed shirt and a pair of cutoff shorts of my [great-]granddaughter Kennedy’s. She came home and said, ‘Oh, Granny, you look so cute! Let me take a pic of you'".

People loved it.

Baddie Winkle has an idea why. "I think they saw a great-grandmother that didn't care what anybody thought about her. 'Here's a rebel. We like her'".

Baddie credits her great-granddaughter for the fame that she has now.

"Kennedy is responsible for all of this. Kennedy and I have a lot of fun together. We’re very close," she told Refinery29.

But Baddie's awesome fashion has a sad background.

You see, she actually began to dress more flamboyantly (hence the tie-dye and shorts) as a way to cope with the deaths of her husband and son.

She felt miserable after her losses.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen to you," she said. "I blamed God forever. I cried all the time because I couldn’t come to terms with it, so I made myself over into Baddie Winkle".

So, after her first "Baddie Winkle" look went viral, she kept at it.

Now everyone is into it - and Baddie (and Kennedy) are sent new clothing all the time to play around with and add to their closets!

But they never feel obligated to show off a piece of clothing.

“We wear some of them, and some of them we don’t, because we don’t like them," Baddie Winkle said. And hey, what better reason do you need than that?

Kennedy still plays a vital role in the life of "Baddie Winkle".

Baddie says, “Most of the time, Kennedy picks what they send over. She’s my stylist, too — she helps me out a lot. Of course, she wants me to do things I don’t want to do, too, but that’s neither here nor there".

Some people get concerned over Baddie's persona.

It's not every day that you see an elderly woman in skater clothes, and not everybody's initial reaction is positive - it throws them for a loop.

But Baddie is always in on the joke.

She's assertive and confident and definitely seems to know what she's doing! Baddie Winkle has no time for haters.

And Baddie knows what clothes she feels comfortable in.

“I don’t like ‘old women’ clothes. I never wore them in my life," she explained. "But I would also never be caught dead in pasties or short-shorts that show half of your butt. I’ve had pictures made like that, but I just did it for the fun of it".

And the Baddie Winkle persona has done Helen a world of good.

“Baddie Winkle has helped me a lot — in spirit, anyway," she said. "The lessons that I have learned is to live and let live. I would love to be a role model for older people. You’re only here once in your lifetime, so have fun".

The famous Instagrandma has even written a book!

A couple of years ago now, she came out with Baddie-winkle's Guide to Life and shared her own personal tips on how to live a happy life.

So what does Baddie Winkle do to lead that happy life?

"The key to a happy life — now this is my version: You're always smiling at people even though you just meet them on the street (most of the time [you'll] get a smile back), and go to church (I'm a very Southern lady), and always be kind to every human that you meet. ... I have met a lot of people and I think that they would say that about me".

But that's not all that she's sharing.

As mentioned, Baddie Winkle has a whole line of cosmetics called “No Bad Days," which you can find exclusively at Sephora.

And that brings us to her latest product: the boob mask.

via: Sephora

And, hey, if she's looking this great at age ninety, I'd buy into all the hype for sure!

There's more than one benefit to buying some.

via: Sephora

I mean, it's not unusual to buy face masks, so if you also want to maintain your chest, why not buy a mask for it? Baddie's masks will help a charitable cause, too.

Because, after all, it's Pride month!

So 5% of the profits from these masks will go to the Trevor Project, an organization specifically dedicated to helping "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25" by providing "crisis intervention and suicide prevention services".

It's a worthy cause!

Baddie Winkle's masks are priced at $9 each, and you can check them out on Sephora's website, here!

So live your life a little more "Baddie".

Whether or not you're in the market for anti-aging masks of any kind, I think we can all learn something valuable from Baddie Winkle and her ageless enthusiasm for life. So share Baddie's amazing story with your friends!