White Influencer Criticized for Getting Plastic Surgery to ‘Look Korean’

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A white influencer has been criticized for getting plastic surgery to “look Korean.”

Oli London, an influencer from the U.K, has been criticized for reportedly having surgery to “look Korean.”

Oli’s had more than fifteen cosmetic surgeries since 2013, including skin whitening treatments, 5 rhinoplasties, a chin reduction, a cheekbone reduction and liposuction, the Daily Mail reports.

The influencer recently took to Instagram to reveal they now identify as non-binary.

In the post, Oli asked people to use the pronouns “they/them/Korean/Jimin” going forward.

However, Oli has been slammed online for the decision.

Many have accused Oli of racism, being disrespectful to Korean culture, and invalidating those who identify with non-binary pronouns.
One person even described it as feeling “weirdly transphobic.”

Oli’s manager has since responded to the criticism stating that they “felt strongly attached to Korea.”

In an email to the Daily Dot, their manager said:
“Besides from identifying as gender fluid and nonbinary for the past several years, Oli has also felt strongly attached to Korea and the Korean culture and feels much more connected to this than [their] own culture.”

Oli has also addressed the criticism in a YouTube video where they clarified they do “identify as Korean.”

Calling out “woke people,” Oli said: “The only people that need to be canceled are the woke people. Because they are so dangerous to freedom of speech in society.”
“I do identify as Korean. This is my choice, my decision. It’s not hurting anyone.”
What do you think about Oli’s decision to identify as Korean?