With the rise of the Instagram influencer, it's easy to feel inferior or even envious. When faced with snaps of lavish vacations, plush apartments, designer clothes, and the ideal body, it's no wonder so many of us are left feeling pretty crap about our own lives.

But sometimes we forget that just because they're living "better lives" (which is debatable anyway) they are in no way better people. And even during this outbreak, we've got evidence of that.

Keep scrolling to see what one spectator caught on camera on a Bali beach...

Whether you like it or not, Instagram influencers are now a big part of the social media landscape.

With their lavish lifestyles, jealousy-inducing getaways, and seemingly "perfect" lives, those rising in the ranks of Instagram stardom truly are making the big bucks.

And who can blame them?

We doubt many people would turn down the chance to earn a living from posting on Instagram.

But we all know that what we see online isn't always the reality.

The perfectly crafted, edited snap you're comparing yourself to? Or the luxury sponsored getaway you'd never be able to afford? It may all seem great on the surface, but we all know that influencers (or anyone, really) only showcase the highlights on their profiles.

The bad stuff often gets left out.

Many stars have come out and admitted that what you see online is far from reality and that influencers are real people with real problems, just like anyone else. And for some, enough is enough... Read on to see what one man did after he reached a boiling point.

For many online stars, there's a pressure to keep going.

After all, with potentially millions of fans to please, it must be hard to press pause on portraying a polished "life..."

...Even during a pandemic.

Given the current climate of the world, you would think that influencers would crawl back into their shells or at least do their best to raise awareness about issues from mental health to financial crises.

But no, as some countries start easing their lockdown regulations...

The influencers are back at it again.

And this one influencer was caught squatting near a religious site in Bali.

In a video posted onto Instagram, you can see a blonde-haired influencer in a pink bathing suit doing squats on a beach in Indonesia.

A few feet away were a group of older women, doing a traditional ceremony.

Dressed in traditional Balinese attire, these women appeared to be preparing for a holy ritual.

Upon further research, it was revealed that they were taking part in "Canang sari."

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For those of you that aren't aware, Canang sari is known as the daily offerings conducted by Balinese Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

The clip of the influencer immediately went viral as people condemned her behavior.

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An account called @thecanggupole uploaded it onto their account which boasts an impressive 27,000 followers.

The comments flooded in, with lots left "sickened" by her actions.

via: Instagram

There were lots about the lack of respect this influencer had for the natives of the area.

In the clip, it seems like the blonde woman is looking over, but she doesn't stop squatting...

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I mean, it's hard not to notice the ceremony.

The news comes after lockdown restrictions were weakened in the area...

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But several other beaches in the area had to be closed again because of spikes in the spread of the virus.

"Ignorancers In The Wild."

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The caption of the video also contained the hashtags "#thecheek #prayforbooty."

It gets worse as another woman in a bikini is taking photographs of the woman squatting.

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While paying particular attention to her backside...

I guess that's peak content for her Instagram account?

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Keep scrolling for the full, disturbing video.

I don't blame people for being outraged...

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At one point, it does seem like she's actually squatting on the little pooch's head, but the angle is pretty hard to work out.

This user claimed it was also very inappropriate...

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That's the best way of putting it.

Here's the full video:

Let's just hope these influencers give this a rest and use their platforms for better causes rather than to show off their butts... Keep scrolling if you want to see how another influencer got completely shut down after their thoughtless demands...