Instagram influencers have evolved over the past decade into something so wild we couldn't have seen it coming. These pseudo-celebrity personalities are popping up all across social media offering their tips on haircare, daily diets and letting us see a small glimpse of what it's like to live a day in their shoes. And it's no surprise that online influencers want attention. After all, attention, negative or otherwise, often equals followers.

Whether that means going to great lengths to get the perfect snapshot to boost their like count or offending an entire nation... anything goes, really.

One influencer, in particular, has come under fire recently for offering some slightly unorthodox wellness advice. "Metaphysical Meagan" as she's called on Instagram, recently posted a photo of herself, highlighting the benefits of "Perineum Sunning," which can also be known as sun-bathing your bum.

Want to know the full story? Keep reading for a dive into the world of a social media influencer.


We are living in generation Instagram.

People seem to be more hooked on their phones than ever - taking pictures of anything and everything and eagerly posting them to the app.

And with the rise of Instagram comes the rise of the influencer.

An increasing number of people are earning a living through posting on the app - many of whom are earning the big bucks.

They share everything with their followers.

From what they eat to where they buy their clothes, their followers know the ins and outs of their daily life - or at least the filtered, online version anyway.

Influencers also take us on vacation with them.

They regularly document their travels on their pages - which is basically Instagram-central when it comes to getting snaps for their content-hungry followers.

From Iceland to Tokyo, to Bali. They share the ideal life across multiple pictures a day.

With tropical scenery and breathtaking temples, it's no wonder so many Instagram-addicts flock to places like these in order to up their Instagram game.

It looks like all fun and games, but is it really?

From luxury villas and dreamy outdoor showers to relaxing pools and mouthwatering food, influencers vacationing on these islands love to share it all with us. And, of course, the snaps always look stunning - there's no doubt that they make us want to hop on the next plane to paradise.

But influencers have somehow managed to offend areas like these on more than one occasion...

For example, remember when the Stockholm-based influencer, Natalie Schlater, was forced to delete her Instagram after posting a controversial photo wherein she compared her life to that of a rice farmer in Bali?

Yeah, it was pretty bad...

via: The Mirror via Instagram

The post in question featured Schlater staring into the distance, while, in the background, a Balinese rice farmer could be seen. But it was the caption that sparked outrage, where she wrote: “Thinking about how different my life is from the man picking in the rice field every morning." Wow. What would possess you to even write that, let alone post it online for everyone to see?

Despite issuing an apology, people were still massively angry at the influencer.

via: The Mirror via Instagram

And rightly so. It was a pretty awful, poorly judged thing to write, regardless of whether it was taken the wrong way or not. Not to mention the fact that rice farming has been a part of Balinese culture for over two-thousand years and is deemed to be both extremely spiritual and communal. So yes, it was a very distasteful and ignorant comment to make.

Bali is also home to a number of sacred temples, many of which have fallen victim to disrespectful vacationers.

via: Shutterstock

The tourist hot-spots are seeing a rise in disrespectful behavior. So much so that, according to The Guardian, authorities in Bali are planning to introduce new rules and regulations for tourists visiting the sacred sites  – including people posing in bikinis and climbing over Hindu structures. Last year, Bali's deputy governor, Tjokorda Oka Artha Sukawati, known as Cok Ace, said that the authorities are looking to re-evaluate the system that currently allows tourists to visit the island's temples unaccompanied.

Why would you disrespect a sacred site like that for the sake of an Instagram snap or video?

With officials clamping down on the issue, its a question that many people are starting to ask. But the problem doesn't look like it's going away any time soon...

Because an influencer has just offended the entire nation after posting a "disgusting" video captured at Bali's Beji Temple.

via: AsianWire

Czech influencer couple, Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka, were vacationing in Bali when they visited the famed Beji Temple located in the Ubud Monkey Forest.

But instead of enjoying the sites, the had something else in mind...

via: AsianWire

The couple filmed a clip, which saw Dolezalova have holy water splashed on her butt by her boyfriend, and posted it to social media.

The offensive clip has been causing a stir with locals.

via: Instagram

The couple’s behavior has really rattled the locals and is said to be another example of the disrespect shown by tourists towards the temples, with local designer, Niluh Djelantik, calling for Bali to become more "selective" when it comes to the tourists who visit the destination after the since-deleted clip surfaced.

Why did they think that it was a good idea to post it?

via: Instagram

In the video, Dolezalova and Slouka can be seen standing in front of a shrine of holy water in the Hindu temple, before Slouka puts his hand under the running water. His influencer girlfriend then bends over and lifts up her skirt, and Slouka splashes the holy water on to her butt as she screams and giggles at how cold it is. We can't think of a single reason why this was a smart idea.

The couple claimed to have no idea that the water was sacred.

Since uploading the controversial clip, the pair have issued an apology, claiming that they didn't know they were at a holy temple or that they were using holy water. "We hope you are going to forgive us and now we are just finding what we can do to fix it." Welp, that was bad. But other influencers have taken different approaches to offend the online community...

Such as the health and wellness "Gurus."

Meet Metaphysical Meagan. Meagan is a health and wellness Instagram and Youtube influencer. She's also a self-titled Healer, Teacher, and Weightlifter according to her Instagram bio. While Meagan has only *cough, cough*  10.4K followers, she's still been able to curate a fan-base of wellness lovers who like, comment and follow along with her medicinal mantras.

Her content ranges from personalized videos about nutrition...

To weightlifting recordings of her in the gym. Meagan preaches about intermittent fasting and incorporating the right superfoods into your diet. These posts seem pretty standard for any wellness influencer, right?

Well, that's not all Meagan posts about.

Of all the content you find on Meagan's Instagram, the most interesting would have to be her blue sky, brown rock, and sun-related bathing images. What do I mean about sun-related? Welp, I'm glad you asked. Meagan has posted many photos of herself lounging on some big rocks in her birthday suit, taking in all of what the sun has to offer. To which we ask – is that comfortable?

It's called "Perineum Sunning"

Meagan's posts recently went viral after she introduced her followers to the act of "Perineum Sunning." And yes, it's just what it looks like. As you can see, she is sprawled out, stretching nude, facing her undercarriage towards the sun. This type of ritual is said to be an ancient Taoist practice called, "The Gate of Life and Death" where energy enters and exits your body.

It is said to provide surges of energy and better sleep.

In her Instagram caption, Meagan states that "30 seconds of sunlight on your bu**hole is the equivalent of a full day of sunlight with your clothes on." But many people weren't buying it. Users took to the comments with some serious questions and concerns. What are the benefits? Is that even comfortable? And most importantly.... can you get a sunburn?

Meagan responded...

After her post went viral Meagan took to Instagram to relay the benefits and the importance of the practice in her own words. She stated that it has helped her life in the past 5 months that she has been practicing. "I no longer rely on coffee to start my day because I am getting my energy from the sun. I am also getting better sleep and require less sleep due to the boosts of overall energy." Well, there you have it, folks. Whether you like it or not, "Perineum Sunning" is the next big thing.

Tons more Instagramers have gotten in trouble. Take, for example, Jessy Taylor.

For instance, there's the case of Jessy Taylor. Jesse was an influencer with over 100,000 followers. And for whatever reason, she was reported over and over by other Instagram users as "spam." Eventually, her account was deleted.

Jessy uploaded a tearful video to YouTube in response.

via: Youtube

She said she was "nothing without [her] following" and that she knows "people like to see me be down, be like them, be like the 90 percenters," which is, sure, a little dramatic and mean. But it was Jessy's next comment that crushed her.

Jessy referred to losing her Instagram as "a murder."

via: Youtube

Speaking to Insider, Jessy described calling the police to describe what had happened to her. "They said you can't compare a murder to this, and I was like, no, that's exactly what it felt like." And that was way too far. Even people who didn't want to see a random person lose their livelihood had to be like, "um, murders are for sure worse."

Another group of Instagramers who got in trouble were Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt.

You live by the travel Instagram, you die by the travel Instagram. Catalin Onc and Elena Engelhardt run the Instagram account Another Beautiful Day, where they go all around the world and post beautiful pictures of their travels. But that has to be expensive, right?

So, Onc and Engelhardt asked their fans for some help.

The pair set up a GoFundMe, asking for about 11,200 bucks to go on a trip to Germany, Africa, and "hopefully beyond" on a tandem bicycle.

It was entirely twee, and entirely entitled.

It was hard to take the two seriously, as a vacation like that seems like such an easily-skippable luxury. Besides, Onc had previously admitted that his mom was working two jobs to foot the bill for their jet-setting lifestyle, making he and Engelhardt look like bigger moochers than Robert Pattinson in Good Time.

Instagram blogger Caroline Calloway thought she could pull off a "creativity workshop."

After taking the then-unusual path to blogging fame of putting words on Instagram alongside her pictures back in 2013, Caroline Calloway decided to take her writerly brand a step further by offering what she called a "creativity workshop" to her many followers.

Maybe she over-promised a bit?

Charging 165 dollars a head, Calloway promised a four-hour seminar promising salads, oat milk-infused coffee, a hand-written letter, a mason jar full of seeds, and revelations about how to be themselves and unlock their inner creative. Well, she immediately realized that she hated cooking vegetables for the salads, didn't have enough time to write the personal letters, and asked her fans attending the Boston and Philly events if they'd be okay moving it to New York (which is easy enough to get to, right?). Then, Calloway didn't even show up for the first hour of the seminar (dubbed a "coffee hour").

It had the air of a scam, but might've just been poor planning.

After the internet started referring to Calloway's lackluster event as another Fyre Fest, Calloway told BuzzFeed News, “I didn’t plan well because I didn't know. I would be dumb if I did it again like this." Still, Calloway's reputation has been dinged pretty hard from this whole ordeal. After all, there is no more vulnerable group than writers who don't know how to get writing.

Beauty YouTuber Mar might've unfairly ruined a local business.

Youtuber Mar, nee Mariale Marrero, took part in a pretty mean viral challenge that swept the beauty influencer scene in 2019. Here's what it involved — creators would go to the worst-rated salons in their area and give their thoughts.

Mar made a video while at the low-rated salon, and had some harsh criticisms.

via: Youtube

First if all, Mar didn't make any efforts to hide anything identifiable about the salon, showing their exterior. Then, she made a ton of references to salmonella while she was in the chair. I don't really know what the point of this challenge is if not to shame the business owners, but Mar sure did that to the extreme. Mar even claimed to get a skin infection from the makeup days later.

Then, the makeup artist's daughter called Mar out on Twitter.

Tiffany Robledo saw what was being said about her mother, the makeup artist who worked on Mar, online. “It’s sad that as a Latina you would come into a salon that is Latina owned and ran," Robledo tweeted, "so that you can come tear them down in order to get views and likes." She further defended her mother, saying she was rushed, made clear she was unfamiliar with the kind of makeup Mar was demanding, and that all of her claims about the salon's lack of sanitation were off-base.

Mar defended herself in the comments.

When negative comments started pouring in, Mar issued the above response. But even if everything she said was true, it was pretty gross to go to a local business just to rip on it.

Youtube family The Inghams did maybe the creepiest thing I've ever seen online.

UK family the Inghams amassed some 1.2 million followers by documenting their lives on Youtube. In the midst of their Youtube rise, dad Chris, mom Sarah, and daughters Isabelle, Esme, and Isla welcomed a new little baby boy into the family: Jace. Look at how cute he is! Don't you just want a little Jace of your own? Well...

The family announced they were making limited edition life-like Jace dolls.

For 350 dollars, the Inghams put out a life-like "reborn" doll of their newborn baby. you could just buy it and have their baby. Like, in your house. It's so weird. Plus, there is no way Jace signed off on this. The only thing Jace is signing off on at his age is a) more breast milk and b) more blankies.

And they don't seem to mind selling replicas of the family.

via: Youtube

Even though the internet responded pretty negatively to what sure seems like a self-inflicted boundary-crossing, the Inghams are still selling members of their family, with their dog Prinny becoming the next piece of merch. I am shivering right now.

This Chinese vlogger let it slip a bit.

via: Youtube

A vlogger on the Chinese platform Douyu who calls herself "Your Highness Qiao Biluo" looked like a cute lil' 20-something. But a technical glitch in the middle of a stream caused all her facial filters to drop, and the internet saw her real face — the face of a 58-year-old woman.

She was collecting donations from fans, so could Qiao Biluo have been in legal trouble?

via: Youtube

Vice spoke to a lawyer, who said, "Qiao’s willfully deceptive practices amounted to fraud, and those who had been swindled on false pretenses could lodge a claim on that basis." But really, on the internet, aren't you supposed to assume no one is who they say they are?

Tiffany Mitchell is a lifestyle blogger who tried to turn lemons into lemonade.

Tiffany, who has over 211,000 followers on Instagram, was in a motorcycle accident in 2019. Don't worry, she came out of it more or less okay, suffering only a few scrapes. But it was the pictures that came out after that earned her some internet ire...

You see, Tiffany's photographer friend followed her on the ride.

via: Instagram

When Tiffany took a spill, that photog buddy hopped out and... took a bunch of really beautiful pictures. Honest to god, these look like staged recreations, and they made it look like what must have been a pretty scary incident look gorgeous and inspiring.

Commenters didn't like the mixed messages.

via: Instagram

Even though Tiffany wrote about the incident as a terrifying ordeal like, well, a terrifying ordeal, the notion that she made it look as glamorous felt off. One commentor wrote, if my friend continued to take photos while I was lying semi-unconscious in the road, I’d be furious. I love your photos but it’s a little weird to include those." Tiffany's since archived the post and told BuzzFeed News that, no matter how it looked, she "would never turn a very important personal story like this into a brand campaign."

This travel blogger lost some of her realness cred.

While traveling the world to show off incredible swimsuits and sunsets on her Instagram, Martina “Tupi" Saravia always seemed to snag the perfect picture in these perfect locales. Shouldn't be hard in the most beautiful locations on earth, right? Well, Martina might have been fudging reality a bit in her favor...

She photoshopped the exact same clouds into her every picture.

Her followers started to notice that every picture showing a sky had the exact same clouds in it. Turns out, Martina was copy/pasting those same clouds into every picture. If so much of having an Instagram brand is making your fans believe you're being authentic with them, this was a major blow to that trust.

But ultimately, things turned out okay for Martina.

A lot of followers were turned off by the display of inauthenticity, but Martina claimed she'd always been honest about how she was retouching photos. Also, People reports that she's begun working with her preferred photo editing app, Enlight. According to that brand's spokesperson Stav Tishler, Martina is "in talks to work with her to have her curate a pack of her own skies within Enlight Quickshot." Hey, you gotta stake out an identity in this big digital world, and if that identity happens to be "the girl who is the best at lying about skies," then so be it!

Haley Pham accidentally let her entitlement show.

Youtuber Haley Pham found Youtube success at just 18 years old, gathering almost two million followers. But when she went on a vacation to Greece, she made some of them kind of uncomfortable by acting a little bratty.

She said her trip to Greece — Greece! — was "not fun."

via: Youtube

Haley took what would be for most people a once-in-a-lifetime experience — flying to Greece — and made a video about how bad it was. She said, “I highly discourage you from going to Greece. Not only are they economically struggling and just the government is struggling right now, but it’s just like not fun."

It would've been one thing to say she didn't enjoy her trip...

... but to dissuade her audience from experiencing a beautiful country and labeling it "not fun"? No good. A lot of viewers commented, saying she was "spoiled" and "entitled." Sometimes you've got to cover your bases and label that hot take as what it is — an opinion — instead of writing off an entire country and culture. And that's just my opinion.

Lisa Li looked like she was livin' the life.

via: Youtube

Lisa Li, an influencer from China, did her best to make it seem like she was living a glamorous life. And yes, she did travel and hold dinner parties and do other things you generally expect out of the first two-thirds of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. But she was hiding something from her audience. And if it hasn't been made apparent yet, trying to trick your followers is the worst thing you can do.

But Lisa's apartment was out-of-control filthy.

via: Youtube

Enter: Lisa's landlord. Apparently, Lisa had let her apartment go been ducking her landlord's calls for a while. You see, Lisa had let her apartment go, in every sense of the word. It was disgustingly filthy, in stark contrast to the glamorous life she appeared to have on social media.

The landlord's only option was to reveal the apartment to Lisa's audience.

via: Youtube

In a livestream, Lisa's landlord entered the apartment to show off the conditions in which Lisa lived. Of course, a lot of Lisa's followers felt betrayed, and they responded by calling her "fake." But Lisa ultimately apologized to the landlord, accepted responsibility, and cleaned her apartment on stream. That's about as good a resolution as you can hope for.

Unfortunately, this isn't likely to be the last time that an influencer whips up controversy.

In fact, another Instagram influencer hit the headlines for demanding free rooms at a hotel for "exposure." It's no secret that influencers get sent products for free and are even gifted entire vacations - so it's no surprise that this can go to the heads of some. But after one influencer got a little too greedy, this particular manager was not having any of it. Keep scrolling to find out how the manager perfectly shut down the entitled influencer.